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Mogo Wildlife Park temporarily closed

Mogo Wildlife Park, is now temporarily closed due to government mandates around COVID-19. A spokesperson for the Park said "After surviving the January bushfires, and a wonderful few weeks after reopening, we need to do what is required to ensure all staff and visitors remain safe. "We know there are a lot of families and animal lovers who follow us from all over the world, who will want to know how their favourite Aussie animals are fairing at this time. "Rest assured, Zookeeper Chad and his team will continue to work tirelessly to ensure the daily routine of the animals at Mogo Wildlife Park goes unchanged. "During the closure period, Zookeeper Chad and our team want to stay in touch with you all, as we always do. We’re asking everyone to send questions and messages with #AskAZookeeper, and Zookeeper Chad will read these and share updates and answers with you all. "Thank you all. Our hearts and prayers are with you all, and we will get through this."