Mogo Village Place Activation Plan : another council tick box

The Beagle Editor, Being a long time resident of Mogo I went to the combined Eurobodalla Shire Council / Ethos presentation at Mogo. I was astounded to see the map of Mogo as shown in the Activation Plan does not bear any resemblance to the historic maps of Mogo. The plan says, and I quote "aims to develop strategies, actions and/or projects that will further activate the local economy, strengthen community resilience and reinforce Mogo as a key destination after the 2019-20 bushfires." It appears the intention is to move Mogo to the south and east.

Above: What are Council planning to do on Tomakin Road? Why have they gone so south?

Questions should be asked who actually designed the Activation Plan. What was their brief and who told them to extend it to the south of Tomakin Road and why. Does this have someting to do with the fact that the RMS owns the corner block at Tomakin Road and that there is a proposed roundabout on Tomakin Road at the entry to the carpark. Businesses along this section and residents on the south side of Tomakin Road will have their properties affected. Were they consulted? Will this mean this section has a change of zoning to commercial? Something smells about this plan. If this is the way the Eurobodalla Shire Council works, it is pretty under handed. Clearly we are not being told the whole story. We all know that Mogo needs to be bypassed with increased traffic volumes predicted and 26m B-Doubles coming across the new Batemans Bay bridge. Our bridge at the school just won't cope with them. Were is the long term vision. If you can't see anything about the heralded by-pass on this plan then how can we possibly plan for it. Forget public consultation in this shire. It is only council seen to be playing lip service. The brief for activation is what they want. Our opinion is nothing more than a tick-box exercise for them and a waste of our time. Name and address not published for fear of vindictive reprisal.