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Mogo Lolly Shop says "get your sh*t together Eurobodalla Shire Council

The Beagle Editor, Let’s Talk About The Truth!!!!! Let’s SHARE the TRUTH!

I am sharing this copy of an email received by the Mogo Business Chamber on Friday 14th June 2019.

Eurobodalla Shire Council have been spending Shire rates on streetscape studies and activation plans. I can surely tell you that the Main Street business owners won the war to finally begin rebuilding their shopfronts without the necessity to have designated parking at the front of their buildings to bring the northern end of the village in line with the southern end. Land owners finally thought that they could get underway with their buildings UNTIL the council received complaints to STOP this from happening. These land owners had been forced into a corner during 2020 after the bushfires being advised by the ESC that should they want to rebuild without the necessity for car parking at the fronts of their buildings they needed to wait for the study to be concluded. The streetscape study found that it would be aesthetically better for the buildings to be brought in line to the Main Street. Great Hooray NOPE! The ESC went and changed it all back to the existing rules of requirement for parking at the fronts of the buildings. How the hell does this happen when these land owners were told that the better outcome for them to begin rebuilding was to wait for the findings???

Like always the Eurobodalla Shire Council spending our rates on studies and planning and then NOT following the recommendations.

Below in the copy of the email I have shared here you will see that the Eurobodalla Shire Council had AGREED to placing a disabled accessible toilet block in the John Street Reserve!

They had also advised that they not only supported my application in “My Community Project” but planned the John Street Reserve retaining the space for the toilet block and also advised that they would be installing new “wheelchair accessible tables” which I can advise has not happened!

The Eurobodalla Shire Council had asked me to wait when they received the grant to beautify the Mogo Oval facilities. I, at that time, agreed but only with the guarantee that the council would persistently apply for any grants possible to fund the toilets that were required in John Street Reserve. I notified the council of a particular grant that they could apply for but was told that the grant would be better used elsewhere!

Let’s fast forward to December 2019. Speaking with Linda and Sheree from LALAC I was informed that the Mogo Oval toilets had been completed for the Mogo Community BUT the Eurobodalla Council had LOCKED the community out of them! To my absolute disgust and with bushfires burning in our forest I contacted the ESC and asked them WHY? the community was being locked out! After all the council had applied for the grant to use this money to renovate these facilities for the MOGO COMMUNITY! They had been locked out pretty much from the time of completion! What a joke! The ESC had asked me to WAIT for funding as this facility took priority and then they locked the Mogo Community out of them. I was advised that the Mogo Oval Toilets would be unlocked instantly! NOPE! Another week later I am again contacting the ESC screaming at them that the Mogo Community needed these toilets unlocked post hast as the bushfire was edging closer to our town and that the community may end up at the oval but would have no toilets! The lock was changed and a key given to me on the Eve of the council closing down for the Christmas Break.

We saw these toilets utilised by the Mogo Community after the bushfires 2019/2020. BUT yet again I was to find out from Kizzy that the Mogo Primary School had been unable to use the oval or the facilities in 2021 because yet again the Eurobodalla Shire Council had locked them out! “Are you bloody kidding!” was my response. So again I contacted the ESC with a please explain and advised that if the toilets weren’t opened to the Mogo Community post hast that I would alert the media. What a misappropriation of grant funding! Beautify an area for Mogo to enjoy and then lock them out!

NOW in 2021 a year and a half since the bushfires land owners in the Main Street have continued to wait for studies to be completed so that they could get their builds underway. You can see the DA applications that are still sitting in limbo with the ESC on their website. One land owner fighting for over 5 years to build his shop space. His spend so far over $40,000 on Council so called DA’s to get his approval. Held back by our council and still being held back! Others still fighting to get building and waiting for studies to be completed but then having the ESC change the outcome. Why even bother having the study completed if the council wasn’t going to adhere to the findings!???

In the most recent spend by the Eurobodalla Council they have employed Urban Ethos to come up with a plan for the future of the village. They’ve asked us for our input and I have provided and argued for the disabled accessible toilets that had been approved and planned for in John Street Reserve in 2019. To find that the Eurobodalla Shire Council has now argued for the toilets to be located in the back car park is abhorrent misappropriation of funds! How do you justify the spending of rate payers money on another study to move an already approved facility but then NOT complete these works. The John Street Reserve still does not have disabled accessible tables, their proposed and built play facilities an absolute joke! And a couple of months ago I pointed out at their “community meeting” that they didn’t even place a bin in the Reserve for the public to use! Very quickly a tiny little bin was cemented into place.

Footpaths were flagged as an issue in June 2019. 2021 still nothing has been done to rectify this issue. But I am aware that the council yet again spent money on the southern end of Mogo putting in a footpath along Tomakin Road BUT sent a bill to the landowner for the footpath that is along the nature strip!

Now let’s look at the upgrade to Anette Street! Mogo Preschool is located on the one way street. Since the upgrade they have removed a drop off strip for the preschool. It is all sign posted “No Parking” so where exactly are parents supposed to drop off their children to attend preschool? The Mogo Primary School has parking along the Highway so that children can be dropped off, but some idiot didn’t think that a drop off zone should be provided for the Mogo Preschool. I continue to scratch my head at the stupid planning decisions that Eurobodalla Shire Council makes.

Another man burned out by the 2019 bushfires in Bimbimbie just outside of Mogo has been back to the council yet again in his fight to rebuild his home. Land owners in Mogo held back by the council. Land owners burned out in Rosedale also held off with more requests for more changes to their DA’s. something the Eurobodalla Shire Council said would not happen to these folks. But it is!

The Eurobodalla Shire Council presented the Mogo Business Chamber with a proposal a few years ago wanting the Mogo Business Chamber to fund the Insurance and Upkeep of the tracks for the Mountain Bike Trail. As a Chamber we refused. Now we see that the ESC has applied for this funding for the trail and won! I’ll bet the farm that these works happen faster than the rebuilds of burned family homes. Or of Main Street businesses getting underway!

I’ve said it before and I will say it again….”get your shit together Eurobodalla Shire Council!” And if you're spending money on studies, surveys, planning, etc actually follow the bloody process through! Help our communities heal! Stop moving the goal posts on DA’s. Theresa Matthews Mogo