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Minister for Housing Michael Sukkar rejects brother's request for bushfire rebuild help

Peter and David are twins. They are 68 years old. They have lived together their whole life. In the Black Summer bushfires they lost their home in Jeremadra.

Last year, when they applied for a HomeBuilder grant they were rejected by the Morrison Government because they are not “a couple”.

And now, to add insult to injury, the Government has told them to go and ask a charity for help to rebuild their home.

Fiona Phillips MP, Member for Gilmore, wrote to the Government on behalf of Peter and David asking them to have a heart and provide them with the grant.

The Minister for Housing Michael Sukkar has now written back.

In the letter not only does he reject Peter and David’s request he tells them:

“there is a range of other assistance available to people affected by the fires, including grants provided by the Red Cross…”

Ms Phillips said "This is a classic example of a government that just doesn’t get it."

"This isn’t about charity. It’s about fairness."

"If anyone deserves help to rebuild their home its brothers like Peter and David who lost their home in the fire and have lived together their whole life.

"Instead of telling Peter and David they should go and see a charity they should just give them the grant.

"This could be fixed right now with a stroke of a pen.

"The fact that they won’t shows how heartless they really are," the Member for Gilmore said.

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