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Michael Allen wins Tuross medley stableford competition

Tuross Head Country Club golfers missed out on their Wednesday and Saturday competition games this week, due to persistent rain, but were able to enjoy a game on Thursday, September 2nd. This 18 hole medley stableford event is increasing in popularity and provides an opportunity for players to enjoy a mid week outing. The after game presentation has been deferred, due to Covid restrictions, and strict protocols have been established, and are carefully followed. Michael Allen was the winner of the medley event and Ian McManus had the satisfaction of scoring a hole in one on the seventh hole. Congratulations to you both. Winners Michael Allen 41, Gail Page 37, Paul Coffey 37, Bruce Martin 37 and Teri Swanbury 36. Ball Winners Ian McManus 36, David Schmid 36, Graeme Sindel 36, Peter Coffey 35, Bruce Cleeve 34 , Jim Madden 34, Stephen Swanbury 34, Ian Miller 34, Michael Coloe 33, Jennifer Gray 33, Shane Gschwend 33, Tony Russell 33, Wayne Fullerton 33, Bruce Harding 32, Bruce Lidbury 32, Richard Wharton 31, Neil Mather 31 and Nigel Barling 31.

Above: Michael Allen, Tuross medley stableford winner.