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Member calls bullshit on NSW Government's emissions reductions targets

Justin Field, Member of the Legislative Council in the NSW Parliament has posted:

This is climate action according to NSW Treasurer and Energy Minister Matt Kean.

"A chart from today's budget that apparently underpins the claim - and the only sentence in the budget speech about climate change - that “We are on track to reduce our emissions by 50 per cent by 2030, on 2005 levels, and to achieve net zero emissions by 2050.” "For starters, there is no actual emissions figures underpinning the Government emissions reduction figures since 2019. How don't we have more accurate data? Secondly, they don't even try to forecast emissions reductions after 2023. So what modelling are they using to base their claim on? Finally, there is absolutely no information about how individual initiatives and spending in the budget on climate measures will reduce emissions to be able to achieve the target. Which makes it absolutely impossible to make a judgement if this spending is good value for money in terms of emissions reduction. "I've looked in the budget, I've looked in their Net Zero Plan implementation update, it is all nice words and no details. "But what I do know is that since 2019, the start of this term of this Government, 10 new coal and coal seam gas projects have been approved in NSW. The domestic emissions from these projects over their lives - the emissions created here, and that's before you even consider the emissions from burning the coal or gas oversees - undo all of the emissions reductions from Matt Kean's Renewable Energy Roadmap which is the centre piece of the Net Zero Plan. "I'm calling bullshit on this Government's emissions reductions targets. I'm glad Matt Kean is more prepared than most Coalition Ministers to talk about the need for climate action and I acknowledge the investment in transmission networks to speed up the transition to renewable energy, but the claim we're on track to met a 50% reduction just doesn't stack up based on the information on the public record or in this budget."


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