Meet the Candidates at Tuross Head

Tonight's "Meet the Candidates" event at Kyla Hall, Tuross Head looks set to be a revelation as candidates will be put under the spotlight with a series of questions. The event is to be hosted by the Tuross Head Progress Association and moderated by Bernie O'Neil of the non-political group A Better Eurobodalla. The questions to be asked come from the community and will cover a wide range of issues near and dear to us all. Unfortunately the event won't be live-streamed however The Beagle will be there to report on what was said, and more importantly what was not. Given the opportunity The Beagle might be able to add a few questions from the floor.

Above: The event sign at Tuross Head. Of interest is the little "Not Me" sticker added to an old core-flute from the 2016 election. The image of the ex-mayor serves as a timely reminder that we need to take responsibility of who we vote for as reminded by Allan Brown in his letter to the Editor below: The Editor,

The Eurobodalla Shires, ratepayers, residents and voters on December 4 can determine at the ballot box who they want to manage their council business. There are 34 candidates who have indicated they would like to be elected by the shires voting population, to represent them for the next term up till September 2024. But be careful how you vote and who you actually vote for this time. One aspiring group are claiming already they’ll do what’s best for us all, but how would they know what’s best for us. They haven’t held any public meetings of any description to come within coo wee of what shires residents etc. expect of the Council. The most import thing to consider when voting for a choice to represent us is to ask why do these 34 now candidates really want to supported, voted in to represent us in the local council process ? Will they when elected properly and decently communicate with any of us, or with they continue to carry on with their "we know best" assumptions ?

Yours Sincerely

Allan Brown Below: PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO THINK ABOUT YOUR VOTE. IT DOES MATTER. THINK WHAT THE PREFERENCES DO IF YOU VOTE ABOVE THE LINE ONLY OR ONLY VOTE "1" FOR THE MAYOR. The last election saw Maureen Nathan become a councillor with only four votes and Jack Tait with only fourteen votes because of preferences handed down to them from Innes and others. The last thing we need, or deserve, is to be a community who rolled up and voted in The Donkey Party because they were too lazy to inform themselves.

How will you vote?

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