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Love the Bay launches “spend local” gift card

Love the Bay launches “spend local” gift card to support struggling Batemans Bay businesses and jobs

Batemans Bay local community pride campaign, Love the Bay, has put its pretty pink stamp on a “spend local” gift card business support program, launched in the aftermath of the recent bushfire disaster.

With local emergency services, authorities and community groups this week switching their call for donated goods to more practical financial assistance, the Love the Bay gift card is a timely solution to the cash flow issue impacting most local businesses.

Championed by the local Business & Tourism Chamber in partnership with construction company John Holland, Love the Bay is calling for all local businesses to sign up (details of HOW below) to the initiative, and asking locals and visitors to start buying or donating the gift cards.

Love the Bay spokesperson and Chamber President Alison Miers, said “our small businesses are hurting and trying to get back on their feet – embracing the Love the Bay gift card is a very practical and wonderful way you can show Bay businesses that you care”.

“Every time money is spent in a small town some of that money goes back into staff pay which is then often spent in town. We know that $100 spent locally has a $180 impact on the local economy,” Ms Miers said.

Love the Bay gift cards are debit cards valid for three-years and can be purchased online or at specific local businesses. From $10 to $1000 can be “loaded” onto each debit card, which must then be spent at one or more participating stores until there is a nil balance.

“The bushfire crisis has motivated locals and non-locals alike to Love the Bay even more than ever, but for us here in the Bay to remain strong we need everyone to support our businesses and this will keep local jobs,” Ms Miers said.

To find details of how to purchase or donate Love the Bay gift cards, and for businesses to enquire about signing up to the promotion, like Love the Bay BB’s Facebook page .

You can also follow us on Instagram @LoveTheBayBB. For more information on the Batemans Bay Business & Tourism Chamber, go to

BUISNESSES: This free gift card program is focused on supporting all businesses in the wider Batemans Bay area…. Please sign up today!!

Cost to you: Nothing!

Degree of difficulty: Zero!

Time to spend on it: Almost nothing! Just takes 2 minutes to register your details on our website

Needed: EFTPOS terminal and your business location needs to be within postal code area 2536 or in Tomakin, Broulee or Mossy Point

Benefits: Lots, including:

© Encourages locals and visitors to shop locally. Every time money is spent in a small town some of that money goes back into staff wages and other business costs. The wages are then re-spent in the town – and around and around the money goes. It is said that $100 spent locally has a $180 impact on the local economy.

© It provides a convenient gifting solution to our area

© It increases opportunity for you as a participating business to make additional sales

© It promotes your community and area via a wider network (social media etc)

© It can be a tool to donate to the fire affected area, instead of donating goods

© It might prevent shopping online at overseas/large companies

© It has been tried and tested already, 33 other locations are doing this for drought relief and other purposes (Chambers, Councils).

© No additional software or hardware is needed, hence no cost to you as a business

© The gift cards are like regular debit cards, and are valid to be redeemed within 3 years, at ALL participating businesses in the wider Batemans Bay area (not just one business), no matter where the card was purchased

© All businesses in the postal code area 2536 +Tomakin + Broulee + Mossy Point can be a participating business where the gift card can be redeemed

© No bank account/money handling is required for the selected (max 10) businesses that also sell the cards. The debit cards are ‘loaded’ up via an EFTPOS terminal and a safe trust account. Even if the system owners or participating businesses become insolvent, the cards remain valid

© We are also setting up “donation gift card” online, for those non-local wanting to give for bushfire relief; NSW Government has already expressed interest

I am a business and I want to participate, what do I need to know?

Do the check and ask yourself:

- Is my business located within the postal code area 2536 or Mossy Point, Broulee or Tomakin?

- Can I confirm I have an EFTPOS terminal in my business?

BOTH YES? Please read on…

· Redeeming gift cards = Redemption Stores: you are very welcome to participate in this program, so people can spend/redeem their gift card at your business. There are no costs involved, the only restriction is that you will need to have an EFTPOS terminal (these Gift Cards do not work in Square, PayPal or similar card readers – only EFTPOS Terminals)

· Selling gift cards = “Load Up” Store: we have a limit of 10 businesses who will be keeping the cards in stock to sell, please contact us if you’d like to be one of these 10. The Love the Bay team will select these 10 businesses on basis of location, opening hours and other criteria. The gift cards can also be ordered online.

Are there any costs involved in participating as a business?

No, there are no costs for you at all, this program has been fully sponsored by Love the Bay BB. Your business needs to be in the selected local area (postal code 2536, Mossy Point, Broulee or Tomakin) and have an EFTPOS terminal. Unfortunately, these Gift Cards do not work in Square, PayPal or similar card readers – only EFTPOS terminals.

As a participating business, do I receive any promotional material about this program?

Redemption Stores

Each redemption only store will need their EFTPOS machine activated as per the process above. These stores will also be provided with an ‘Accepted Here’ sticker, as well as an information page.

Load Up Stores (max 10)

Load up stores will be provided with a card stand to place in an appropriate spot within their store. They will also be provided with applicated cards on hangers as well as promotion tops for the stands. ‘Accepted Here’ stickers will be given to each of these stores to place in their front window/door. To activate the stores EFTPOS machine an activation card is swiped through each terminal in store, and a simple process is conducted. Finally, each load up store will be given full training on the load up process. An information page for each business will also be provided.

I have an alternative pay system (Square, PayPal etc), can I still join?

Unfortunately, these Gift Cards do not work in Square, PayPal or similar card readers – only EFTPOS Terminals. The cards will work on EFTPOS terminals within Australia. They are made to the same standard as any of the bank issued debit style card, we have never found an EFTPOS terminal that could not accept our cards. This includes integrated terminals.

Can I sponsor the Bay gift card organisation, to order more gift cards with my business logo on it? Yes, the first 1,000 cards are pre-ordered, but we expect this program to be very popular! You are very welcome to sponsor an additional order of cards at $3 per 1,000 cards. Please contact us via 0499 909 466 if you are interested in sponsoring.

Who do I contact with questions about this program?

Please sign up by registering your details on, click on REGISTER YOUR BUSINESS BY CLICKING HERE.

With any questions please contact the Love the Bay BB team via Instagram and Facebook or call Marieke Janssen on 0499 909 466.


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