Local Hero nominees await June 23rd announcement

The Eurobodalla Council Local Hero nominees for 2021 have now been informed of their nomination and have been invited to attend a presentation ceremony , to be held at the Eurobodalla Regional Botanic Garden on Wednesday 23rd of June 2021. Following speeches and the naming of the finalists all of the nominees will be invited to stay on for a morning tea.

Normally those who nominated their "Local Hero" were also invited to attend however, this year Council advises "Regrettably, due to social distancing requirements* in the event of wet weather, we are unable to invite nominators to attend the ceremony this year. Instead the nominators will be notified of the winner and finalists via email on Wednesday 23 June 2021. In the past there have been fifteen or so nominees. With the Mayor, the three panel members and council staff it looks set to be an intimate affair of cake and tea.

Above: some of the many 2021 nominees : L to R ..Norm Moore, The Beagle and a current 2020 Local Hero, Mat Hatcher.

* Outdoor public place (not suitable if wet weather) SOURCE Up to 200 people from different households can gather in an outdoor public place such as a park, reserve, beach, garden or public space.

For outdoor gatherings of more than 200 people, you must only participate if it is a COVID-19 safe outdoor gathering.

A COVID-19 safe outdoor gathering requires the organiser of the outdoor gathering to:

  • have and comply with the relevant COVID-19 safety plan

  • keep a copy of the COVID-19 safety plan and make it available to an authorised officer or a police officer as requested

The organiser of a COVID-19 safe outdoor gathering must ensure that the number of participants in the gathering is the lesser of:

  • 5000 people, or

  • one person per 2 square metres of space of the premises in which the outdoor gathering is conducted. EDITORS NOTE : apparently the 2 square metre rule doesn't apply if they are dancing: In areas outside of Greater Sydney there are no restrictions on dancing and singing at venues and events including nightclubs, weddings, funerals and memorial services If wet weather: Had the event been held indoors, such as in a home then the following would apply: If you have more than 100 visitors to your home, you must

  • have and comply with a COVID-19 safety plan that addresses the matters set out in the relevant approved COVID-19 safety checklist

  • keep a copy of the COVID-19 safety plan while visitors are at your home and make it available for inspection by an authorised officer or a police officer as requested

  • record each visitor’s details electronically by registering them with Service NSW or with an adult member of your household when they enter

  • keep the contact details for at least 4 weeks and if requested by the Chief Health Officer, provide the records to NSW Health within 4 hours.