LNP lies and scaremongering: The fight for Eden Monaro is getting dirtier by the day

The Beagle Editor, They are at it again! More lies from our Government are being spread by The Australian. These are the actions of a desperate and despicable group who think that lying to a section of our community is okay just to get the win. Morrison and his mate Murdoch are now back to trying to frighten pensioners with the old, Labor wants a death tax. Can anyone actually remember Labor saying that and what does that have to do with the Eden Monaro by election? Answer: No, absolutely nothing. Labor are not in power so how can Labor implement a death tax? Morrison and his scaremongering once again doesn’t make any sense. Kristy McBain is not going to implement a death tax, but word is Morrison and his party are considering it. Again Morrison playing the same juvenile games played by a self indulgent child. It’s been Liberals all along that have tried to remove the aged pension, that workers have been paying into for years. Scott Morrison wanted the pension aged raised to 70. In fact, he and the Liberals voted to increase the pension age seven times. It was Joe Hockey who said, “the Age of Entitlement is over.” It’s the Liberal Government that have cut $1 billion from pensioner concessions. It’s the Liberal Government who cut the pension for 370,000 pensioners. It’s also under the Liberal Government where we have seen Australian pensioners experiencing the highest rates of poverty in the developed world. Scott Morrison as Treasurer said “we shouldn’t be relying on the Aged Pension.” Scott Morrison has alluded that people should use their family home as collateral to finance their retirement. So that the government can then swoop in and take away your family home. So if you have been a hard working Australians and own your own home and are one of the millions that are not a self funded retiree, they will take your kids inheritance. It seems the Liberals only want the wealthy, self funded, Franking Credit pensioners to own their own home. Only the wealthy should be able to leave an inheritance for their children. The Editors at the Bulletin are fed up with the double standards of this Morrison led LNP Government. And the unfettered propaganda wing of the Liberal Government, led by Murdoch media. We started the Bulletin as we were fed up with the role the Liberal lies played in the last Federal election. All we want is honest reporting. We get abusive messages that we are too left wing and maybe it looks that way but most of us grew up in a society where “ honesty was the best policy” and journalists and the media gave Australians both sides of a political campaign the same amount of time. Now with 80% of our media run by Murdoch all we get is Murdoch/ IPA/ LNP agenda lies. We have watched Journalism standards plummet into nothing more than lies and scare-mongering and we are sick of it. Murdoch media and the Right Wing Shock jocks are NOT journalists they don’t report honest facts, they twist the truth for their bosses agenda, which is the IPA agenda. We’ve been notified that Eden Monaro residents are only receiving information from the LNP. They are lying to the residents of Eden Monaro. Morrison forgot about Eden Monaro after the fires, he preferred partying, swimming and photo shoots to actually helping an area devastated by bushfires. His glib comments about how “Australia’s summer of cricket will help Australia through the bushfires.” Once again we ask “What is wrong with Scott Morrison”? His comments, demeanor and arrogance is something Australians have never seen in a Prime Minister before. He waved aside important issues with comments like “its not the right time” or with regards RoboDebt and a Royal Commission “we don’t need it, we’ve fixed it”. No, Morrison and his government haven’t fixed it and now rumour has it he’s going to try and place any refund of the stolen money due to fake RoboDebts onto the Indue Card and that lump sums will not be repaid they will receive it in $200 increments. Many people borrowed money from family or friends to the government’s fraudulent debts and now the government wants to hold off on pay back what people are owed. The Bulletin thanks Bill Shorten and Labor for fighting for these victims of RoboDebt. If Bill Shorten and Labor had not pushed for the truth how long would the Morrison led government and the instigator of RoboDebt continued to steal from Australians citizens, how long would they have threatened and persecuted innocent Australians? The LNP would still be doing it today if they hadn’t been caught. The fight for Eden Monaro is getting dirtier by the day. Please share our editorials, please spread the word about what the Morrison government are doing to buy another seat with pork barreling. If we do not stop the LNP now, the Australia we all know will be gone. So much for Morrison’s so called Christian values. “ thou shall not lie” - start practicing what you preach! The Australian scare campaign and outright lie is a rehash of Tim Wilson’s scare campaign of 2019. Self funded retirees are being affected now due to the economic mismanagement of the LNP. We are in a LNP instigated recession, soon to be a depression. Don’t believe the LNP lies or pork barreling promises which will never eventuate as we are in a recession. The Editors at The Bulletin The Bulletin is a magazine style format which includes Independent Journalism reporting on the Current Affairs of the Nation and both sides of politics. The Bulletin also includes articles and reviews