Living on Borrowed Ground

The Beagle Editor, I was so pleased to read about Borrowed Ground Farm in your April 3 issue.

I am a strong supporter of local, healthy food. I grew some of my own until I lost the vegetable garden of my dreams on New Years Eve to the bushfires. We evacuated to Canberra for a month and a half after that, and every day I checked Fires Near Me to see if Old Mill Road Farm and 3-4 other local grower’s properties were safe from ruin. I used to pride myself on the fact that I only went to the supermarket to buy a few items like butter and toilet paper. Everything else that went on my plate came from the Moruya Farmers Market. Being stuck in Canberra reinforced my pride in our local South Coast food system. I hated going in to the Jerrabombera Woolies and having to buy veggies wrapped in plastic that I knew were not the nutrient and chemical free superstars I used to buy.

I am currently reading a book by Ronnie Cummins titled Grassroots Rising: A Call to Action on Climate, Farming, Food, and a Green New Deal. It should be required reading for all our politicians and high school students. Actually, everybody. Ronnie makes the climate crisis seem so easy to solve. I am only on page 38 of 159, so I don’t know all of what he has to say yet, but I like the fact that he says we can’t compartmentalize change. Everything is connected. I am beginning to see and feel that as the COVID crisis unfolds around us. Alex and Eliza of Borrowed Ground Farm believe in high quality, nutrient dense food. Soil health is important to them. I agree, soil health=human health=earth health. I have been eating chemical free for years now and I have not ever had the flu, nor do I get a flu shot. It seems that mostly the weak and unhealthy are the most affected by the corona virus. I truly hope that during this time of social isolation that folks are getting into slow food, lovingly cooked healthy food. Food is fun, food is love.

Borrowed Ground Farm has a survey on their website here. Their website is here. They plan on making their produce available to the community in ways other than the Tuesday market, so there will be no missing out on the good stuff. I encourage you to begin voting for a better planet with your food dollars, knowing that your health and that of our community and the world at large will be the better for it. You are the grassroots, please support local food.

Lindsay Gates

(Formerly from Malua Bay and house hunting in our wonderful Eurobodalla Community.)