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Letter to the editor - April 10th 1920

To the Editor, *

Should Moruya residents wish to become a live body for the advancement of the town one of their first aims should be to get the old town back to a Municipality, or get the ratepayers of Moruya to petition the Minister of Local Government to have the town represented by two or three Councillors.  There is no denying the fact that Local Government is an utter failure, but when we were in a municipality we were in a king’s paradise to the position we stand in to-day, as far as the Shire Council is concerned.

When Moruya lost her status as a Municipality she was doomed to decay, and it would not have taken much brains to have seen what a position she was in with one representative in six, especially with a hostile lot of Councillors. Under a Municipality the town would have her own aldermen to spend her own taxes for her own development in her own manner. ……

If some of our hard-worked business people want to take a rest for a day or two to our favoured spot, Broulee, see what a beautiful road they have to travel, not fit for a dog.  Ask the Shire Council to do anything and the answer is “no money!” Who is paying all these office fees, and who is paying the men you pass doing the work of filling-in gutters on the Tilba road for fear a Shire Councillor would get a bump crossing? Someone is footing the bill as I am sure it is not done by suction….

Moruya, buck up, and get the old town back to a Municipality, and take your hats off to your own townmen and not to outsiders who have the old town at heart as much as the man in the moon.  Then as far as Moruya is concerned the Shire Office can be removed further south.  Yours etc. OBSERVER. * slightly edited from the original