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Let's give Bill a hand as he Marches On

The Beagle Editor,

I thought your readers might be interested in a story about a fundraising effort I am currently involved in. Below are a couple of photo’s and a poster

With the wet weather everywhere, this is probably not a good time to take up walking every day to help out a charity.

But that has not deterred local Long Beach resident, Bill Radley who - rain, hail or shine - is determined to walk at least 96 kilometres during March. Bill is one of over 6,900 people around Australia helping to raise funds for not-for-profit organisation Soldier On, as part of their annual fundraising effort called ‘March On’

Bill is very familiar with the work of organisations like Soldier On. Prior to retiring, Bill worked as a Psychologist for many years in western Victoria and provided counselling services to former Vietnam Veterans and their families.

He has seen first hand the complex and sometimes deadly mental, emotional, relationship, social and employment problems experienced by former defence personnel as they rebuild their life after defence service. The rate of mental disorders, especially PTSD and depression, is much higher for former defence personnel than for the general population, and the rate of suicide is horrifically high.

Bill also found that the mental health problems of ex-service personnel often become even more severe for those who have served in conflict zones overseas.

Every year not-for-profit organisation Soldier On works tirelessly to provide a range of welfare, mental health, counselling and employment services to help improve the mental health of ex-soldiers, and lower the rate of ex-service suicides. Soldier On provides services to current and former Defence personnel, contemporary veterans, and their families.

Bill and myself have been financial supporters of ‘Soldier On' for many years. So when Soldier On launched their annual fundraising program, called March-On, Bill decided he could do a bit more – and get a bit fitter.

This March Bill entered the Soldier On fundraising program called March On – with a goal to walk 96km or more during the month of March to raise funds to support our veterans and their families.

Why 96 kilometres? That is the length of the Kokoda Trail, made famous by Australian soldiers during World War 2. Every dollar raised during the March On program will support Soldier On's life changing mental health services to help our brave heroes march on.

So far Bill has raised over $2600 with the generous donations of many local people, but he is still short of his goal is $300.

And he is not alone in his fundraising efforts. So far over 6,900 people around Australia have joined the March On challenge, have raised over $1,235,490 and together have walked over 169,385 kilometres to help our former defence personnel. Bill is committed to complete the 96 kilometre walk, and so far has completed 57 kilometres, he still has some way to go.

Bill is looking for more local people and organisations to help with his fundraising challenge.

He is asking for more local people or organisations to support the 96km challenge.

To make a donation readers can do so through Bill’s Soldier On my fundraising page:


Just copy the link above and put it in your search box, and it should take you to Bill’s fundraising page with Soldier On Bill is happy to talk to anyone about the fundraising program and can be contacted by email at, or by phone on 0419612401

Bill would greatly appreciate any financial support to sponsor him on his fundraising event for a truly worthy cause. Lyn Radley