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Lessons to be learned in relation to the Australian bushfire season 2019-20

Bushfire affected residents are being urged to complete their submissions to the Federal Government's Bushfire Royal Commission ahead of the close date tomorrow (Tuesday 28th April 2020).

The commission will hold formal hearings later this year and provide advice to the Government ahead of the next bushfire season.

You can read more about the Bushfire Royal Commission here https://naturaldisaster.royalcommission.gov.au/

The NSW Government has also commissioned an independent expert inquiry into the 2019-20 bushfire season to provide input to NSW ahead of the next bushfire season.

The submissions deadline is Friday 22 May. You can read more via this link While Eurobodalla Council have already made their submission, claiming that it was a "combined report" by Council staff, councillors who volunteered at the evacuation centres and "a number of community members who contacted us directly" the document came as a surprise to most of the councilors when it was presented for endorsement as they had only been informally asked to contribute, if they wished. No workshops, no official call for public submissions with only a cursory invitation by the Mayor that people could write in if they wanted. You can read Council's submission HERE (page 60)

VIDEO: Ordinary Meeting of Eurobodalla Council 24 March 2020 Discussion around GMR20/007 Submission to the NSW Government Inquiry into 2019-20 Bushfires Under MOU with Eurobodalla Shire Council Creative Commons Attribution NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Australia licence. read more http://bit.ly/beagleCC