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Last chance to Save The Clyde Street Boat Ramp : Council continues to fail boating needs

Eurobodalla Council have demonstrated that they want to remove the town's boatramp and direct boaters to the more dangerous Hanging Rock ramp or out of town to Nelligen by way of the evidence shown in their Draft Plan for the Batemans Bay Clyde foreshore

Above: Draft Plan for the Batemans Bay Clyde showing Council's intent to remove the towns boatramp.

NSW South Coast RecFisher Advocate are not impressed and say that unless the community says NO to COUNCIL by way of a written submission the council will go ahead and remove the ramp saying "we only received a few submissions that indicates the majority of the community are happy with our proposal".

VIDEO: Adam of the NSW South Coast RecFisher Advocate says "Here is the email address to send your short submission."

"Remember to address your submission to the councillors of the Eurobodalla Shire Council. Remember to write that "this is your submission" and write who you are by writing your name.

"Remember to write that it is your submission for the Clyde Street Boat Ramp found in the Batemans Bay Waterfront draft plan AND WHY YOU WANT THE BOAT RAMP TO STAY!

Submissions cut off date Tuesday, 28th July, 4:30pm "Here is the link to the draft plan "Remember, You Don't Know What You Have Got Until It Is GONE!" ************************************************* The Video above provides rolling text as evidence of the continued failures by Eurobodalla Council in addressing the issues raised by the community around marine infrastructure. That text is as follows: October 2014ESC commissioned Royal Haskoning DVH to undertake a detailed study and survey into Eurobodalla Shires boating infrastructure. Study identified many deficiencies across shire. Report shows no boating or fishing clubs were consulted other than one kayak group. Better facilities needed have been long recognised.

May 2015, ESC begins work on Narooma Apex Park boat ramp, community stakeholder groups voice great disappointment their advice has not been adhered to that was collected during consultation.

9th October 2015, ESC admits additional work needs to be performed to Narooma Apex Park boat ramp, the same original concerns raised by community stakeholders.

15th Feb 2017 NSW government Regional Ports Workshop. A consolidated list of boating and recreational fishing infrastructure produced by community stakeholder groups was handed to NSW I&I Ports, Mayor Innes and ESC Infrastructure Director from local boating and fishing representatives.

19th Feb 2017, Consolidated list of boating infrastructure was emailed to NSW RMS from Ports workshops.

24th Feb 2017, RMS replied saying thank you and that the list was the most comprehensive list from all the workshops they had seen along entire NSW coast.

16th March 2017, ESC sends correspondence to community stakeholder groups that attended the Ports workshop essentially shifting all blame for the lack of action on boating infrastructure to the state government.

6th July 2017, Community stakeholder groups supplied consolidated list of boating and fishing infrastructure to ESC again at ESC request.

10th October 2017, ESC performs further repair work on the Narooma Apex Park boat ramp. Same issues raised by community stakeholder groups from early 2015.

27th November 2017, ESC media release promoting fishing platform construction at Russ Martin Park with construction finished by Xmas in location not supported by the rec fishing community. Platform is now not fit for intend purpose. Project was funded entirely by recreational fishers.

30th November 2017, Malua Bay Fishing Club submit proposal to ESC for upgrade to the Mosquito Bay boat ramp being a light over the ramp. ESC lost MBFC submission.

20th February 2018, ESC asks for letter of support for Mosquito Bay boat ramp light not realising they received it 30th November 2017.

20th July 2018, ESC provides official correspondence to community stakeholders confirming retention of Batemans Bay Clyde Street boat ramp for the community during the new bridge construction. The official correspondence also exposes the fact that since 2014 a total of $1,211,500.00 has been secured for recreational boating and fishing infrastructure, 56% of which ($678,440) came from recreational boating and fishing licences and registration fees.

24th July 2018, ESC questions why they should install roofs over cleaning tables citing unnecessary, ignoring numerous health concerns from community stakeholder groups relating to food safety and bird excrement and argument supported with NSW health information. Two Years ago on 25th July 2018, Community stakeholder representatives had meeting with ESC mayor and executive proposing for the formation of an official steering committee to progress boating and rec fishing infrastructure within the shire. The proposal was immediately dismissed, and tokenistic support of an informal group separate to council would be supported. The meeting was best described hostile.

13th October 2018, ESC begins upgrades to Nelligen boat ramp carpark but no acknowledgement of boat entry and exit for aged and disabilities raised by community stakeholder groups from February 2017.

Weekends of October 2018, ESC pays staff weekend penalty rates to conduct boat counting surveys at all major shire ramps to evaluate if facilities can cope with boat traffic. Community Stakeholder groups advise fishing and boating activities that time of year is historically low and surveys will be pointless and skewed.

26th November 2018, Rec Fishers call out ESC on the months and months of inaction at the Mosquito Bay boat ramp with no light installed with the knowledge ESC received funding for the light many weeks ago.

27th November 2018, ESC supply same document from 20th July 2018 again to community stakeholder groups citing all the alleged great work they have done including the confirmed retention of the Batemans Bay Clyde Street boat ramp for the community.

27th November 2018, Community stakeholder groups received correspondence from ESC with more double talk and excuses about Mosquito Bat Boat ramp light and cleaning table.

Oct – Dec 2018, fishing groups held multiple meetings to discuss ways forward as a united front.

16th October 2018, ESC informs community Mosquito Bay boat ramp received funds to replace cleaning table and install a light over the boat ramp.

12th December 2018 Batemans Bay Foreshore Working Group met. A temporary ramp was promised during the construction of the new Bridge with a fish cleaning table, toilets and water tap for boat wash down but no light. Stakeholder representatives expressed their concern of the design of the temporary ramp would not withstand the tidal and wave action. (below - as predicted)

20th December 2018, community stakeholder groups greatly disappointed with ESC decision to move Mosquito bay boat ramp light to an ineffective and potentially dangerous location, ignoring agreed location through consultation process.

9th January 2019, ESC asks for a list of projects needed to be undertaken from the boating and fishing community by the 31st January 2019.

9th January 2019, Community driven desktop audit of Eurobodalla boating and fishing infrastructure developed.

14th January 2019, Community stakeholder groups and boating professionals warn community not to use Hanging Rock boat Ramp with vessels not equipped to handle open waters due to closure of Old Punt road boat ramp citing safety concerns and fines.

31st January 2019, Community stakeholder groups submit original Feb 2017 list with additions and the desktop audit to ESC.

24th February 2019, MP Andrew Constance publicly advises Mayor Innes to create a steering committee consisting of community stakeholder representative to discuss and guide issues relating to shire boating and fishing infrastructure (similar proposal from 25th July 2018) and for council to do a better job allocating funds to maintain boating infrastructure that was paid for by boating and fishing stakeholder groups. Mayor Innes refused to take on advice and defended council’s allocation of funds to maintenance.

20th March 2019, ESC made further commitments to keep the Clyde Street boat ramp open for the community.

30th June 2019, community stakeholder groups are informed state government withdrew funding to ESC for Mosquito Bay boat ramp light and cleaning table due to not following through on agreed lighting arrangement that benefited recreational fishers.

5th January 2020, Community stakeholder representatives meet with Inspiring Places consultants to give advice and stakeholders views on retaining the Clyde Street boat ramp and other boating and fishing infrastructure.

24th June 2020, ESC releases draft Batemans Bay waterfront master plan with the removal of the Clyde street boat ramp, clearly contradicting their confirmed commitment to retain the boat ramp found in earlier official correspondences. Clear evidence of the majority of advice given by local boating and fishing stakeholder representatives were ignored. Plan mentions recent changes to legislation allow small boats launching from Hanging Rock ramp to head up the Clyde River without all the extra equipment needed for open waters but this still does not address the serious and potentially deadly consequences of small boats traversing this length of water in small boats and lives lost.

22nd July 2020, Community Stakeholder groups call out ESC for continued failure to deliver on Mosquito Bay boat ramp lighting upgrade.

24th July 2020, ESC staff changed Mosquito Bay boat ramp light arrangement but not what the boating and fishing community wanted still!

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