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Kotvojs concedes defeat in Bega

With check counting complete for all booths and pre-polling centres in the Bega Electorate postal vote counting is well underway to finalise the election result for the 2022 by-election. With 66.6% counted the margin between Labor's Dr Michael Holland and the Liberal candidate continued to grown. What was once considered a safe seat by the Liberal party with a margin of 6.9% the turnaround was more than convincing that the public had had enough.

Source: You can delve into the counts to date for your towns and polling stations HERE The 2023 New South Wales state election will be held on 25 March 2023 to elect the 58th Parliament of New South Wales, including all 93 seats in the Legislative Assembly and 21 of the 42 seats in the Legislative Council. It is not known if the 2022 Liberal candidate will stand again for pre-selection of either the NSW State election or the upcoming Federal election given that she has now lost to Labor three times in a row, twice at a Federal level and once at a State Level. Pundits are suggesting the recent loss was in response to the dissatisfaction of the electorate of the ex-member for Bega, a Liberal, resigning mid-term and deciding instead to stand in an electorate to the north of the region. The backlash in the Bega electorate of the State's management of health, aged care, education and environment, coupled with the Federal mismanagement of Covid, bush fire support and health did little to quell the disgust held over the blatant pork-barrelling that has become the norm. It will be interesting to see who the Liberal's now put up to contest Eden Monaro and Bega at the next elections and it will also be interesting to see how the Liberal candidate for Gilmore measures up in the eyes of an electorate that mainly know him by his publicity.