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James Thomson: First horse in the barriers to be elected

Not surprising, the very first nominee to be councillor in the December 4th Local Government election is James Thomson. Not surprising because being a councillor is basically part of the family business given that his great grandfather, grandfather and father all were councillors before him. James Thomson wishes to stand again after his five year term in the Innes Council. Failing to achieve a quota in the 2016 election he was the last of three councillor positions to be filled to meet the total of nine required to form a council. No doubt this time around he hopes to gain more votes

When it comes to credentials we can't argue that he was a sitting councillor for 5 years. Many might say that was all he did because in the time he was councillor he said very little at all and it was a rarity for him to utter a sound unless he was, for some reason, driven to ask a "Dorothy Dix" question to enable staff to elucidate on projects or awards they may have achieved. The box above encourages input of "information to my experience, ability and aptitude". James offers his credentials as being the ESC delegate to the Floodplain Management Association of NSW. On September 25th 2018 James was elected to be the representative by his fellow councillors having thrown his ring, unchallenged, as he was already in the position. To have a feel of James Thomson as he appears in Council chambers the following video is an example, not just of Councillor Thomson but of the Council under the Innes term in general. Be sure to listen, in the video below, to Councillor Pollock's opinion of the Office of Environment and Heritage and the point made by Councillor Mayne of Council's propensity to cherry pick whatever reports and recommendations suit their narrative. Added to the mix is the input of Clr Lindsay Brown that is out of context, the disdain held by the Mayor of Clr Mayne and the farce of the rest of the pantomine that calls itself a Council. On the 30th July 2018 Council's agenda included an item that the Delegates Report from Councillors James Thomson and Jack Tait on the 2018 Floodplain Management Conference be received and noted. Oddly that report was never tabled. A Background note was prepared for the agenda, written in the third person by a party unknown.

With Councillor Thomson's current diverse memberships stated in his Election Registration information one might image he adds it in an effort to offer evidence of accomplishment over the last five years. It remains unknown what he may have accomplished in these roles as there are no reports to read and no KPI's to measure. What is known is that his community engagement could improve given that he blocks emails to his provided, formal, councillor email address sent in from those select members of the public and media outlets who have dared to ask questions of him or provide background reading and history as distributed to all councillors.

James Thomson - Beagle Voting Recommendation - 3 out of 10 - could try harder