Is too little thought given to our aging population

The Editor

For some time now there’s been concern about the economic well being of the Eurobodalla Shire area, future growth and development. Population growth and development is necessary for the area to remain financially viable. At the moment the Eurobodalla Shire is a high unemployment local government area with an increasing ageing population who generally have limited, very regulated household incomes and weekly disposable incomes. The ageing population will require improved infrastructure upgrades for mobility and their general wellbeing. The area has been promoted as a place to retire to, but requires much improved upgrades to footpaths and even foot bridges in some of the shire areas for safety and access reasons.

Our elected councillors appear not to be concerned that the ageing population being attracted to the Eurobodalla Shire require decent highway access for all sorts of reasons, including medical, to places like Canberra. It’s clear our elected representatives need to put more effort into lobbying or advocating to fast track upgrades of the two Highways that service the Eurobodalla Shire. But our councillors will also have to eventually recognise a younger age demographic with jobs to suit the younger age is necessary to grow the Shires economy at reasonably sustainable rates for all our benefits. People are required locally to do the physical work needed to sustain a financially sound local economy.

The shire has a large percentage of its population aged, over 65. The aged population of the shire is increasing, people are living longer. The shires aged population needs a separate representative committee reporting to council on their needs.

In the coming September, council will be reviewing its committee structures, memberships, aims and aspirations.

During the Committee Review processes Council should or could agree to establish a new committee to deal specifically with the shires aging population and what is required by that considerable section of the community of the many areas that council is responsible for. Eg. more made footpaths in residential areas that don’t have. Such infrastructure is an essential for a shire like ours and should be viewed with a higher priority. Council has a Youth Committee, a Disability Committee yet it does not have a committee able to represent the 30% of its population over 65 years of age. If they did they would likely to attract funding or subsidised funding. Allan Brown Catalina

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