Is the One Nation candidate for Gilmore a ghost and why would Constance preference a ghost?

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation is running a network of “ghost” candidates who live far from the seats they are contesting and have done no campaigning whatsoever. It is not surprising that the One Nation Candidates for Gilmore and for Eden Monaro are not attending the many Meet the Candidate forums being held in the region. The reason: they live in Queensland. Andrew Constance has strangely placed a candidate from One Nation, who lives in Queensland and has no digital record, fourth in his preferences after Clive Palmer's UAP and above Labor and the Greens. So why would Constance place a Ghost Candidate above real life candidates who are out and about in Gilmore meeting electors, attending forums and taking questions. Politics. Yet he continues to say "This election is about the community, not the pollies". On the One Nation website there is NO information about Gilmore candidate Jerremy Eid - ZERO

Confusingly One Nation advises that Kate McCulloch has been officially endorsed as the lead Senate Candidate for Pauline Hanson’s One Nation New South Wales ticket however, oddly, the How to Vote card for Jerremy Eid has the photo of ...... Kate McCulloch. Does Jerremy Eid actually exist? The AEC have advised that they do not do background searches and take on face value the information provided to them.

Above: Who is Jerremy Eid? So voters in Gilmore don't even know what their One Candidate looks like. Yet Andrew Constance is so convinced of Jerremy Eid that he has 'her' as Number four in his preferences. A Google Search for Jerremy Eid reveals a link, however if you click on that it goes to a page that has nothing more than a How to Vote. As you can see it did have content but that content describing the candidate has been deleted from the site.

Above: The detail here has been removed from the website and now there is nothing about Jerremy Eid at all on the One Nation page. The Wayback Machine revealed the following:

Above: It turns out that, contrary to the image of Jerremy Eid on the One Nation How to Vote Card on their website, Jerremy is a MALE. Jerremy Eid

Jerremy was born in Sydney, Australia, and grew up on the sunny Gold Coast. An everyday person who's observed what has happened to his country over the past few years, he decided if not him, then who, and has stuck up his hand to run for the seat of Gilmore this election. He agrees that the Australian Constitution must be upheld at all times and not undermined by United Nations forums and its 193 member states. The very thorough ABC Votes website shows the following for Jerremy Eid. No text, no photo and a link to a page that is an anomaly.

Further South and to our West One Nation in the electorate of Eden Monaro the One Nation party has Shannon Boyd as a candidate. According to the internet Shannon is originally from Cowra and is now living in Queensland. Very oddly is that One Nation does NOT have Shannon Boyd listed on their website as a candidate. In fact they do not list an Eden Monaro candidate at all. The question could also be asked of Jerry Knockles, the Liberal Candidate for Eden Monaro "How can you preference a One Nation candidate you have never met, and who lives in Queensland, at Number 5 on your ticket"?

So can a candidate for an electorate live outside of that electorate? It appears that the answer is YES according to this Form 60 ‘Nomination of a Member of the House of Representatives’

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All candidates must fill out either a Form 59 ‘Nomination of a Senator’ or Form 60 ‘Nomination of a Member of the House of Representatives’ They MUST provide: ■ your name (use the name under which you are enrolled or entitled to be enrolled) ■ your place of residence (unless you are registered as a ‘silent’ elector on the electoral roll) ■ your occupation ■ your contact details ■ whether you have been endorsed by a registered political party. Details on the nomination form are to be publicly announced. These include your name, town or suburb of residence, your state or territory, your endorsing party or whether you are unendorsed, group name (where relevant) and that ‘independent’ will be printed on the ballot paper (where relevant). You must sign a declaration that you: ■ are an Australian citizen ■ are at least 18 years of age ■ are an elector or qualified to be an elector ■ are qualified to be elected under the Constitution and other laws of the Commonwealth ■ are not, and do not intend to be, a candidate in any other Commonwealth election on the same day ■ consent to act if elected. Note: It is against the law to include false or misleading information in a nomination form. For a candidate who is a ‘silent’ elector: ■ town or suburb details will not be publicly declared ■ you are not required to write your address, but you must provide a correspondence address. This address may be a postal address and is not made publicly available. For more information see silent elector on the AEC website. ■ you are asked to provide contact details in case the AEC needs to contact you. These details are not made publicly available. It appears, from our research, that the One Nation candidate for Eden Monaro lives in Queensland, as does the Gilmore candidate, Jerremy Eid. Is that allowed by the AEC. Seems to be. Is it morally reasonable.... not in our book. The question remains "Why would Andrew Constance give his Number 4 preference to someone he has never met over real local candidates, especially when he continues to say "This election is about the community, not the pollies". His preferences to give Clive Palmer's UAP his second is VERY MUCH about politics.

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