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Is it time for councillors to hand back their laptops and phones ?

The Beagle Editor, Readers might find the following letter I have sent to the General Manager and councillors of interest. Dear All.

The Eurobodalla Shire’s Residents, Ratepayers and Voters elected nine individuals to represent them at our Council in September 2016. The nine who were elected, were elected in good faith by the Shires Residents, Ratepayers and Voters to represent them. Us, on all matters raised by the shires population, residents, ratepayers and voters. Communications with the shire's residents, ratepayers and voters is a critical ingredient of both the elected and the shires residents, so the elected can properly communicate individuals ideals or expectations of the council, the elected peoples representatives, through the established democratic local council process, to deliver general community benefit outcomes.

The Elected, in the case of the Eurobodalla Shire Council, comprise nine Councillors, one of which has a dual role, Popularly Elected Mayor or meeting Chairperson. All of the elected are issued with residents and ratepayer funded equipment including laptops and phones so they can easily, and at no cost to themselves, communicate will all the shire's residents and ratepayers.

For some reason many of the elected don’t respond at all to any attempted communications. Others have blocked incoming emails and don’t answer phone calls.

So how do the people's elected council ‘representatives’ know what the shire's population, residents, ratepayers and voters expect Council to do to improve the economic well being and quality of life of the shires residents and ratepayers, if they won’t properly communicate with those they were elected to represent? Allan Brown