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Is Council planning on selling a public reserve near you?

At next week's Council meeting (that will be hosted on ZOOM) Councillor Patrick McGinlay - will be putting forward a question on notice as a followup to the question that was asked at the Council meeting of 24 March 2020 by Clr Anthony Mayne. The Question on Notice comes about due to the abbreviated, inconsistant and poorly prepared response that was offered to Councillor Mayne that brought noted additional confusion to the discussions in regard to the Reclassification of Land. During debate in regard to this item Councilor McGinlay gave verbal notice of intent to submit further related Questions on Notice at the Council meeting of 7 April. This time the question was very well considered as the General Manager had previously advised Council that staff only answer questions they are asked and if the councilor puts up a question that has intention of what the scope of the question might be then that will be ignored with only the questions specifically asked to be answered. Unfortunaetly for Councilor Mayne the answers provide to him by staff offered little in the way of answers and only added more confusion to the issue resulting in the chamber being left none the wiser and the answers being provided looking more like a dogs breakfast of double-speak. This week Councillor McGinlay has clearly defined his INTENT: "Please note that the intent of the following questions is to make it as clear as possible to councillors and the community, as to which blocks of council land have been sold since 2012, are currently approved for sale, or have been identified as having the potential to be sold in the future following due process." And can the answers to Councillor Mayne's QoN 20/001 at the last meeting, be expanded to provide the following information: a) In the table provided, distinguish between those blocks of land already sold, and those currently approved for sale. b) Details of any other blocks of land that have been identified via any Ross report or by any other means, that have the potential to be sold. c) Provision of standard street addresses for all blocks discussed, to enable easier identification and recognition of location of the same for the benefit of members of the community and councillors. The Council staff response has provided Councillor McGinlay witha table that has been amended to provide the information requested

Note above that staff have omitted to publish the details of properties 9 and 32

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