Innes: "the community knows what the community knows" - but what don't we know

Letter to Editor. Is there anything l need to know? A good CEO will commence each weekly meeting with helpers, with an open eyed look and the above question.

In a functional administration this will probably be understood. The ESC community is now looking the ESC accountable financial officer, being the GM, in the eye, and asking the same question. Particular reference to the 50 year business plan for Batemans Bay Leisure and Arts Centre. It took four years of deteriorating finances in Bega before the BVC came clean, recently, to the Bega community. 30,000 to 40,000 ESC residents and a large number of non resident ratepayers deserve to know. On two occasions, during the July 2020 debate on accepting the tender for the project and committing the community to a further $19 million outlay Councillors Mayne and McGinlay pressed to state that the community had no idea of how much was being voted on, where the GAP was coming from and whether there had been any scrutiny of the ongoing costs. The Mayor advised her councillors that "the community knows what the community knows". The concern is "What doesn't the community know?" Owen Cartledge