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Influenza is serious : keep your mob safe

Influenza is serious and it can make mob really sick.

Prepare for winter this year with a flu vaccine. Flu shots are FREE for all Aboriginal people aged 6 months and over.

Book your vaccine today through your doctor or Aboriginal Medical Service.

Please note that some providers may charge an administration or consultation fee. Ask your doctor or Aboriginal health worker if this applies to you.

Protect your family with the influenza vaccine (flu shot)

Influenza vaccines are free for:

  • children from 6 months to under 5 years of age

  • people with serious health conditions (including severe asthma, diabetes, cancer, immune disorders, obesity, kidney, heart, lung or liver disease)

  • pregnant women

  • Aboriginal people from 6 months of age

  • people who are 65 years of age and over.

Get your flu shot as soon as possible to protect yourself and your loved ones.

Influenza vaccines are available through GPs for any age group, as well as through pharmacies for everyone aged 5 years and over.

Ask your doctor, pharmacist or Aboriginal Medical Service about a free flu shot. If you’re not eligible for a free flu shot, you can get a flu shot from your doctor or a pharmacy (if you’re aged 5 years and over).


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