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How much longer can Eurobodalla Council deny Climate Change

The Beagle Editor, For the interest of your readers Expectations for hotter and generally drier conditions in future, with increasing frequency and intensity of extreme climatic events, have implications for the continued delivery of local government assets and services. My other home council, Wodonga Council, is already faced with heatwave, drought, fire and flood. These extremes place pressure on the achievement of strategic objectives, via a range of community, reputation, service delivery, financial and environmental consequences. Fortunately Wodonga Council acknowledges that "climate change adaptation is a process of adjustment to actual or expected climate and its effects. It aims to reduce harm and vulnerability, and make use of opportunities. Their Climate Change Adaptation Action Plans project is combining knowledge of previous experiences with proactive planning; it is an opportunity to contribute to increasing the organisation’s resilience and to be better prepared for the future. Their Climate Change Adaptation Action Plan (the Adaptation Plan) includes a risk assessment, development of adaptation actions and an implementation plan to assist Council in preparing for climate change. The Wodonga Council’s adaptation planning process began with a risk assessment of potential climate impacts. Risks and opportunities were identified by Council staff through outputs from working group discussion and a scan of Council Plan content then refined using extensive staff engagement. Risks were analysed using the Council’s risk management framework and follow up meetings with Council staff. Existing controls were assessed against funding availability, review periods and effectiveness to identify gaps in risk treatment. New treatments were developed and ranked using a multicriteria analysis before inclusion into their Adaptation Plan. Unlike Eurobodalla Council who have failed to recognise Climate Change and insist instead that the weather is "variable and changing" the Wodonga Council challenges and opportunities relating to the highest rated risks for 2030 included supporting ecologically sustainable design, complex planning decisions and maintaining recreation and community activities. Many adaptation actions already adopted by Wodonga address the Council’s capacity for improving the environmental responsiveness of public and urban spaces, subdivision design and building design and maintenance. Other actions focus on reimagining tourism offerings and water management. By proactively acknowledging Climate Change the Wodonga Council have set in place a variety of options and safeguards that give due consideration to what Eurobodalla Council continues to see as "an elephant in the room". After the serious flogging that the Eurobodalla Council have justifiably received over their head-in-the-sand denial of Climate Change led by an ill informed blinkered voting block led by the Mayor it is time for prospective candidates to the next 2021 Local Government elections to set their sights on evicting these banal and ineffectual troglodytes and voting in new Councillors who at least recognise the very real risks we now face as a community. The actions identified in Wodonga's Adaptation Plan will help to increase Council’s emergency management response and recovery to bushfires and intense storms; improve staff and community working and recreation conditions; and enhance resource conservation efforts. The purpose of the their Adaptation Plan is to deliver adaptation actions and to build adaptive capacity within the organisation. "The intent is to embed the climate change lens into Council organisational processes, and to establish a continuous improvement cycle for identifying climate risks and developing adaptation actions. As such, the adaptation process considers pathways for actions in the plan to be incorporated into ‘business as usual’. This is EXACTLY what Eurobodalla councillor Pat McGinlay wanted but was voted down out of either spite or the shear weight of blinded Alan Jones led stupidity that was on display on the day. Adaptation actions identified in this Adaptation Plan will help to increase Council’s emergency management response and recovery to bushfires and intense storms; improve staff and community working and recreation conditions; and enhance resource conservation efforts Adaptation is not an end in itself but rather a constantly cycling process of adapting, monitoring, reviewing and adapting further. The Wodonga Adaptation Plan was created to be a starting point for Council to understand the process of adaptation and commence building adaptive capacity. Meanwhile Eurobodalla has nothing. If councillors want more information in how to proactively set in place a Climate change adaptation action plan all they need do is ask their own Divisional Manager Strategy and Sustainable Growth who was one of the key Wodonga Council staff who contributed to the project. A spokesperson for Real Eurobodalla

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