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Heavy footed? Try the Speed Adviser Safety based smartphone app

NSW Centre for Road Safety have developed Speed Adviser as a driver’s aid designed to assist drivers manage their speed and encourage safer behaviours on our roads. This free smartphone app was created by the Centre for Road Safety in 2014 and has been downloaded nearly 100,000 times. Speed Adviser features:

  • Spoken and visual warnings when the speed limit is exceeded

  • Accurate speed zone information across the entire NSW road network included with the app (no network connection required after the initial download and setup)

  • Spoken and visual warnings when entering a mobile speed camera zone

  • Announcements when a school zone is active

  • Announcements when winter-only speed zones are active in the Snowy Mountains region

  • Day and night modes.

To download Speed Adviser For iPhone devices

  1. Open the App Store on your phone (on a Wi-Fi network)

  2. Search for Speed Adviser

  3. Tap on ‘GET’

For Android devices

  1. Open the Play Store on your phone (on a Wi-Fi network)

  2. Search for Speed Adviser

  3. Tap on ‘Install’

L plate and P plate drivers NSW Road Rules prohibit learner and provisional (P1 and P2) drivers from using their phones while driving and these drivers are not permitted to use Speed Adviser.

How it works

Using the GPS capability of your phone, the Speed Adviser app monitors your location and speed, and alerts you via visual and audible warnings if you exceed the speed limit. Speed Adviser is for NSW roads only.

Never be unsure of the speed limit again

Speed Adviser displays the speed limit for the road you are travelling on. Speed Adviser knows the speed limit on all roads in NSW, including all school zones and their operating hours. The app uses the latest speed zone data.

Downloading and installation

You can install Speed Adviser from your phone’s Play Store or App Store. Because of its size, we suggest you download the app to your phone via Wi-Fi as this is the less costly option.

Too fast

Speed Adviser will play an audible alert and a visual alert if you exceed the speed limit. If you continue to exceed the speed limit, Speed Adviser will repeat the audible and visual alerts.


You can choose how Speed Adviser announces the alerts. Choices include a male or female voice or no audible alert.

School zones

Speed Adviser knows where and when every school zone in NSW operates, including gazetted school days and non-standard school times. Speed Adviser lets you know if the school zone is active and will display the speed limit of 40 km/h.

Mobile speed camera zones

Speed Adviser knows where mobile speed cameras may be in operation. Speed Adviser lets you know when you enter a mobile speed camera zone and will display a camera when you are driving through the zone.

Night driving

Speed Adviser uses an internal database of sunrise and sunset times to automatically switch between day and night modes. The night mode emits less light, and so reduces eye strain while driving. Speed Adviser also automatically saves your preferred brightness setting.

Run other apps at the same time

Audible alerts from Speed Adviser still play when the app is running in the background. This means you can have other apps operating and still hear announcements and warnings from Speed Adviser.

L plate and P plate drivers

Learner and Provisional (P1 and P2) drivers are not permitted to use this app.

NSW Road Rules

You must comply with the NSW Road Rules and not use the app or your smartphone in any manner contrary to the Road Rules. Always have your phone in a commercial phone mount when using a driver’s aid such as Speed Adviser, in accordance with the NSW Road Rules, and ensure your phone does not obscure your view of the roadway.

Battery consumption

Because it takes a lot of power to run the GPS feature in your phone, we suggest you use your car’s power socket while using Speed Adviser. Also, you should always quit the app when you are finished driving.

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