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Have you discovered the Beagle Trades and Business Directory

To help out our many local businesses promote themselves The Beagle has a Trades and Business Directory that hopefully covers the essential services you might need. The Beagle Trades and Business Directory provides local Trades and Businesses a free listing in a hope that they might gain work from it, and continue to provide employment and economic benefit to their families and our communities.

Advertising is usually outside the affordability of many smaller businesses and sole traders. The Beagle supports locals. These listings are FREE.

If you are a local business and would like to be listed please contact us as we often turn over these listings to give everyone a fair go.

Above: enjoy your Beagle Trades and Business Directory on the website, a flipbook or as a downloadable pdf. In this day and age of trades and businesses having to engage with social media to advertise themselves with sponsored ads, posts in Buy Swap and Sell sites and on Noticeboards it is becoming harder for us to find easily local businesses and trades. Many have realised that a Google listing is of benefit however they discover that you need to be computer savvy to take advantage of the free service so that you can be discovered by a google search for something like Tuross Head, plumber

Above: A Google search reveals just one plumber in Tuross Head. There are several more that can be found in Yellow Pages but how often is that now used by the majority of the community who no longer consult their phone book and 'consult' Google instead? In general there are three providers listed in the Beagle Directory to each service. These trades and businesses are listed for free, and only as a suggestion of an available provider. They are not presented as a recommendation though many of them are known to The Beagle and are known to have provided quality service. For your convenience the Beagle Trades and Business Directory will now be included as an attachment to the Beagle Weekender.