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Hand bag or... dirt bag

Handbags: Lady Bracknell would be unamused Apologies, to start with, to those not conversant with The Importance of Being Ernest. The subject is handbags. About ten years ago I read a double-page set of articles in The Times that provided advice on now to reduce the chances of catching colds or 'flu. It was much the same as we are being told as the best ways of keeping clear of the new virus, such as washing hands (up to 12 times a day The Times suggested) not coughing into thin air and not touching faces. But there was another thing, a thing I have not heard suggested here; handbags. The Times pointed out that people who carried handbags often put them on the floor, of sometimes public lavatories, and subsequently put them on a table. I hadn't thought about it until then but have since noticed the truth in it. Handbags, The Times claimed, were among the worst spreaders of disease. Notice, please,I have been non-gender specific. E. Wiseman


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