Greens candidate for Eden-Monaro champions climate action

The Greens have announced that Cathy Griff, a long-term resident of the rural hamlet of Tanja on the Far South Coast, as their candidate for the upcoming Eden-Monaro by-election.

In the announcement Ms Griff says "As a Bega Shire Councillor, Cathy has been at the forefront of progressive issues including the climate emergency declaration and affordable housing."

"Tablelands, foothills and coastal communities in Eden-Monaro are still reeling from the combined impacts of the bushfires, sustained drought and the pandemic. Now a growing chorus of people are demanding immediate action on climate change and the creation of a fairer society.

“By voting 1 Greens, voters can send a strong message to Canberra, urging our politicians to find long-term solutions for the critical problems facing communities in urban, regional and rural areas, solutions that The Greens have developed over many years and which culminate in the global Green New Deal recently launched in Australia by Adam Bandt,” said Cathy.

“Labor and Liberal candidates are finally acknowledging the role of humans in changing the climate. Sadly, their connections with and donations from the fossil fuel industry mean that neither party is willing to do what science has stressed is essential for a safe future. At this critical juncture, we need leaders to map a new approach, while building upon the successful social service programs of the pandemic response.

Ms Griff told The Beagle “The community requires a modern political party to confront the challenges we are experiencing at the individual, local, regional and federal levels. The Greens have plans to transition communities into new technology production and manufacturing. We must end extractive industries such as the wood-chipping of our native forests and instead, create secure employment opportunities in forest management and renewable energy for regional areas.”

Adam Bandt MP said of the announcement “I'm thrilled to announce Cathy Griff as our Greens candidate. Cathy has long been a passionate advocate for social justice, environment and the arts in the region, and has been influential since being elected to Bega

Shire Council in 2016.

“Voters in Eden-Monaro are incredibly powerful in this by-election. By voting for Cathy Griff, people can send the government a message about urgent climate action and securing decent jobs.

“Eden-Monaro has suffered turmoil, with pandemic job losses hitting a community already devastated by the summer of bushfires. We need to make sure that our pandemic response doesn't just help the regions recover, but builds new industries that offer work to people across Eden Monaro.

Adding to the endorsement Greens Senator for NSW, Dr Mehreen Faruqi said ""This by-election is an opportunity to challenge the Morrison government on its pathetic climate policies and its inadequate response to the bushfires.

“Let’s insist the government ‘retain the rate’ by continuing elevated support for vulnerable Australians. I look forward to working with Cathy and the strong Greens campaigners in Eden-Monaro on a positive platform of equity, and action on the climate crisis."

Above: as a Bega Valley Shire Councillor Cathy Griff chats with people at Cobargo Hall. As well as spending time listening to people’s bushfire experiences and stories from across the Shire, Cr Griff was one of the many volunteers at Eastwood’s Deli and Cooking Schoolin Bermagui as they’ve worked in partnership with theWorld Central Kitchento produce thousands of meals to feed people in need from Mogo to Mallacoota. Photo BVSC

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