"Get your hand off it" : Get your hand off what?

The Beagle Editor,

I am astounded that Mayor Innes,  Chair of today’s meeting, allowed the comment ‘get your hand off it’ made by Clr Pollock to go unchecked and no ‘point of order’ was raised.

‘Get your hand off it’ is a reference to someone jerking off, as in they are jerking the chain of the person they are talking to. Often used when someone doesn’t believe what they are being told by the person.

It is also a phrase used to tell a male to get his hand off his genitals, or stop masturbating.

That this remark made by a long time councillor (who should know better) is inappropriate is an understatement to say the least particularly in light of the chair’s ruling in relation to a remark made by Clr Mayne at the previous council meeting.

The hypocrisy and bias displayed by Mayor Innes at today’s meeting was abundantly clear.

Is it any wonder that this council has lost much credibility amongst the community.

Coral Anderson