Gallery Bodalla presents: Frances Luke

The enchanting works of Frances Luke feature in the next exhibition at Gallery Bodalla, commencing Thursday 25 February through to Sunday 21 March.

“Full Circle” is a new body of work bringing together elements and images of Frances’ originals from the past forty years, recomposed, and reconstructed. Characters from dreams and memories, etchings, woodcuts, lithographs, monoprints and linocuts, they all come together now to tell new stories and adventures arriving at a destination both sublime and whimsical.

Frances' first influences came from her father George Luke, Melbourne sculptor and painter, also years of attending classes with Mervin Moriarty in the 1970s. She then attended Beaufort College in London from 1980 and many years of travel and study, including Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts.

During forty years of printmaking and painting Frances has produced exhibitions around the world and Australia. She won the Basil Sellers Art Prize in 2012.

This is a delightful exhibition. I look forward to seeing you if you are able to come along.

best wishes, Valerie

COVID safe protocols: please wear a mask and only 4 people in Gallery at a time.