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Four ways to share the shore

Four simple actions can help you keep shorebirds safe when you're sharing the beach.

From August to March, the beaches of New South Wales become a haven for threatened beach-nesting birds as they settle in to raise their chicks over the summer nesting period. This is a very sensitive time of year for the birds, but it’s also when these nesting sites see an influx of visitors looking to make the most of the beach over summer.

Beach-nesting shorebirds build their nests right on the sand. Their eggs and chicks are very well camouflaged, making them hard to spot and easily disturbed by unaware beachgoers, unleashed dogs and four-wheel drive vehicles. Due to these disturbances, less and less shorebirds are fledging each year – but this is something we can easily change! There are four simple steps you can take to help keep beach-nesting birds safe:

  1. Look out for bird nesting signs or roped-off nesting areas on the beach and follow the advice.

  2. Walk your dogs on dog-friendly beaches only and always keep them on a leash, unless you’re on a designated off-leash beach.

  3. Drive only on designated beaches and keep below the high-tide mark.

  4. When you’re near a nesting area, stick to the wet sand and give the birds plenty of space.

It will also help if you report sightings of these threatened birds. 1300 361 967 For more information on beach-nesting birds, visit: Birdlife: Beach Nesting Birds South Coast Shorebird Recovery Program Midcoast Council: Share the Shore Shorebirds Of Byron Shire Shorebirds Identification booklet (PDF 17MB).


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