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Final Public Access session on July 6th before Council goes into caretaker mode

The final Public Access session in the current term of the Innes led Council will be held on Tuesday July 6th. This will be the last opportunity for the community to address councillors on general matters not on the agenda before the current term of Council goes into caretaker mode. Council holds a public access session once per month, prior to the commencement of briefing sessions, for members of the public to raise any Council related issues with Councillors, which have not been previously determined by Council.

The public access session commences at 9.15am and are held on the video platform Zoom and webcast over the internet to those who register to watch.

Community members wishing to participate in the Public Access Sessions will need a computer or device with video and audio capabilities – find out how to get started on the Zoom website. To present at a public access session, please register by 12pm on the business day prior and provide a written copy of the presentation. One hour will be allocated to the public access session. If there are more speakers registered than time permits, Council could resolve to extend the public access session for 15 minutes only. Any speakers who have not presented due to time constraints will be scheduled first on the list for the next available public access session.

Register by contacting Council’s Executive Services Office:

  • T: 02 4474 1358

  • E: