Favel Parrett delights readers at The Waterfront Hotel

What a lovely day with a beautiful group of locals in for a lunch time book launch!! This week saw the first of the Literary Lunches conducted by Moruya Books and hosted at the Waterfront Hotel, Moruya. The guest speaker was Favel Parrett. In 2011, Favel Parrett’s career was launched with her critically acclaimed debut PAST THE SHALLOWS. A heart-breaking novel, it was sold internationally, shortlisted in the prestigious Miles Franklin Award and won the Dobbie Literary Award. Favel herself won the ABIA Newcomer of the Year Award in 2012.

Her next novel, WHEN THE NIGHT COMES, was also critically acclaimed and further consolidated Favel’s reputation with booksellers and readers.

The Literary Lunch this week coincided with the launch of Favel’s eagerly awaited third novel, THERE WAS STILL LOVE (now available at Moruya Books). For those that aren’t aware, The Waterfront Hotel, in partnership with Moruya Books (Janice and team) hold these events once a month, a 2 course meal followed by an intimate opportunity for one on one discussion, Q and A after the author gives a very detailed run down on the drive/ the passion/ the reality of why they wrote the book - this is pretty rare to have the opportunity in this day and age to be able to discuss face to face with these amazing authors. If you are not already on the mailing list as discussed tonight with some book friends - please speak to Janice and her team at Moruya Books on 4474 2242. Julie Holmes of Moruya Books said at the event "We are so lucky to have authors like Favelle to tell us important stories and to take the time to connect with your readers. I think there were a few tears in the room! 💕 🦊" "And to Inga Simpson for her wonderful and insightful interviewing mad skillz! We are so lucky to have you in our area! 💕🌱" "AND of course a massive shout out to Mark, Emma and the staff at the Waterfront who as usual went to great efforts to make us all comfortable." "More events coming soon, keep your eyes 👀 peeled..."