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Farewell to a friend

To my dear & beautiful friend Noel

You were such a gentle soul

I just wanted to say goodbye

And tell you how much I am going to miss you

I am going to miss your cheery & happy smile

I am going to miss your naughty & cheeky laugh

I am so going to miss our “woohoos”

I am going to miss your little jig

I am going to miss the little tinkling sound you made

I am just going to miss you everyday

You made such a difference

You were always such a comfort

You had so many wise words

And you knew how to make us laugh

You had such a big heart

And you put a smile on so many faces

You always had a kind word

And you knew what to say

But for every time you make me cry when I remember you

You will make me smile & laugh more often for knowing you

But I will never forget you

I will always remember you

With every bunch of yellow flowers I put in my kitchen

With every single white flower I see in a garden

With every cherry tomato I pick

With every bunch of parsley I pick

With every chili plant I see

And every green thing I buy, will be for you

With every chicken noodle dumpling soup I make

And with every Nanny Noel Rissole I make

And on every St Patrick’s Day, I will plant some sweet peas just for you

Every day I will remember you

Because you will be there in every sunrise

And you will always be there in every sunset

And I will raise a VB to you & say “Cheers Nanny Noel”

May you rest in peace