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Eurobodalla Woodies update

Despite the total loss of our workshop in the recent fires the Eurobodalla Woodcraft Guild is continuing to enjoy monthly meetings and social activities at the homes of members.

The guild, one of several craft groups that operated for nearly 10 years from the Original Gold Rush Colony at Mogo was an arrangement that was enjoyed through the philanthropic approach shown to community groups by Ms Maureen Nathan and family. Eric Simes of the Woodies told the Beagle "We believe that our time there was mutually beneficial and we enjoyed our relationship with Maureen and all of the staff. The location, its setting and the laid back nature of our association was “second to none” according to our Guild President. The loss of most of the Original Gold Rush Colony was a severe blow to Mogo, to us and the various craft groups that shared their premises and now we have little choice but seek out a new location.

"The situation today is that the Guild is homeless and is only operating out of private workshops. We are now seeking to acquire a long lease on some suitable land close to the Mogo area. Mogo was about the geographical centre of where our members lived and provided a convenient location close to cafes and shops. We are also looking currently into another possible location slightly further to the South of the Shire.

"Our main aim at the moment is to keep the Guild going and encourage members to participate in as many activities as possible with the limited resources available at the moment, while we concentrate on finding new accommodation.

"We would like to thank all those individuals and organisations who have donated tools and machinery to help us rebuild our resources and we are storing these in various locations ready for rolling out into the new premises when we find them.

"In preparation for a more active time the guild has just purchased with the help of a grant received prior to the bushfire a bandsaw mill (below). Members have just spent 3 days putting the mill together, which comes in kit form, and are now ready to get it registered and on the road. All our store of milled timber was lost in the fire and the mill gives us a chance to have a club activity together and to set about rebuilding our supply in preparation for our new building.