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Eurobodalla Tennis Ladies Competition Results for 24/2/22

A very wet couple of days resulted in most tennis competition matches being cancelled this week. In fact, only the matches in Batemans Bay went ahead. The courts there were pretty wet but use of the super soaker reduced the water on some courts. No photos were provided this week- apart from one of the pretend snakes lying on the otherwise empty and very wet courts at Broulee :)

One match in each division was able to go ahead.

In Division 3 the Broulee Brolgas had a real tussle with the Batemans Bay Seagirls. 5 of the sets were extremely tight. The Brolgas wound up the victors in the end, winning 6 sets and 48 games to 2 sets and 37 games

In Division 2 the Batemans Bay Breakers defeated the Tomakin Tomkatz 6 sets 42 games to 2 sets 22 games.

In Division 1 Tuross defeated the Batemans Bay Larks 4 sets 30 games to 2 sets 26 games