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Eurobodalla Photographic Club May meeting

There was a great number attending the Eurobodalla Photographic Club’s May meeting at Tomakin Hall (though still adhering to the Covid safety regulations).

The monthly photographic competition topic was open and member Colin Pass had kindly offered to take on the difficult task of judging the projected 40+ images.

Colin gave a great critique of each of the images, making suggestions where they might be improved (stressing that opinion is very subjective and it was his ideas only). He had also modified a few of the images to demonstrate how they might be improved. Colin complimented everyone on the standard of entries and said that it had been very difficult to exclude images from getting awards. Some decisions had been based on very minor aspects.

Member Beth Westra gave a great presentation on photography using slow shutter speed showing a number of different ways show shutter speed can be used and member Dave Kemp gave a very informative talk on Digital Photography Workflow.

Competition Winners:



Shirley Gunter – Eastern Yellow Robin

Rob Geraghty – Whiskers

Brian Gunter – Missing Link


Beth Westra – Wrens

Rob Geraghty – Giraffe Heads

Peter Keogh – I see you

Ian Dunn - Longicorn beetle

Merrick Bailey - Lunch



Brian Gunter – Richmond Bridge