Eurobodalla people oppose Prime Minister Morrison’s “Gas Driven Recovery”

Last Friday, 26 March, fifty protestors gathered at Moruya’s Quarry Park to demand a clean energy future.

Photo by Gillianne Tedder Allan Rees of the group 350 Eurobodalla said "There are so many better ways for the government to spend taxpayers’ money than subsidising fossil fuels.

"Gas is a fossil fuel and at only one degree of global warming our communities were devastated by extreme bushfires driven by fossil fuelled climate change. Further north in NSW, people have had enormous floods. Our urgent need is to phase out fossil fuels and draw down carbon from the atmosphere. Governments must have a plan to create jobs for displaced fossil fuel workers."

"Fracking for gas contaminates ground water in Australia’s artesian basins, threatening farmers, communities and Aboriginal land.

"There are very few jobs in gas development, especially compared to a community led renewables and low carbon recovery. We already have the technology to provide all our electricity from wind, solar, hydro and batteries. Green hydrogen to replace fossil gas is an emerging technology.

"Australia is a major gas producer, but Australians are paying high export level prices for gas and there is the absurd proposition that exported Australian gas should be reimported. The gas industry cartels must be regulated to control prices and ensure availability, as is done in Western Australia.

"Many people rely on gas for cooking and heating and should not be paying export prices. Over time, 350 Eurobodalla favours a transition to cheap renewable electricity for cooking and heating.

"There are no local gas exploration or production jobs. We only get the risk of bigger bushfires," said the spokesperson for 350 Eurobodalla

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