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Editorial October 22nd 2021

Welcome to this week’s editorial, That scurrilous, rapscallion “rag of a blog” that is enjoyed by many, and loathed by a few, turns five this week. The Beagle website started out in October 2017 with its first articles and was officially launched on November 1st 2017. Since then I have published 17,900 articles on the website and moderated 91,497 comments. You might have noticed that this is Vol number 230 of the Beagle Weekender. That means that every single Friday for the past 230 weeks, without fail, an edition of the Beagle Weekender has been emailed to subscribers, like yourself, for their weekend enjoyment. You may have noticed over the past five years that The Beagle (me) rarely takes a break and if there is important news to convey over the weekend such as fires, accidents or events then they are covered. The bushfires were covered for seventy one days in a row. From morning to night. The Covid stuff was covered for those who needed to be kept informed at a local level and our wonderful Council with all their shenanigans, less than ordinary meetings, and embarrassing stuff ups have been in the spotlight, much to their chagrin, for the past five years bring us disbelief, incredulity, lament and a good belly laugh at their antics. The past five years have seen this “rag of a blog” become the primary news source for the Eurobodalla. The Beagle now has a world wide following and its readership still grows as more and more of our residents, past residents, future residents, ratepayers, non-resident ratepayers and anyone else interested in the region discover the free online news. The Beagle isn’t just news though. It is also the weekly Beagle Abode real estate guide that is now the region’s most comprehensive real estate listing offering our many independent real estate agents an affordable means to promote their market. The Beagle is also the publisher of the South Coast Travel Guide which is the most comprehensive tourism website for the Eurobodalla on the internet. The Beagle is a community focused endeavour. Many of the articles you enjoy are submissions from locals who want to celebrate the accomplishments of their sports or clubs. They want to promote what they are doing, to share and include. Then there are the publicity officers who want to inform. From local agencies and organisations to State and Federal—everyone wants to be recognised and heard. It is important to thank everyone who plays a part in keeping The Beagle afloat and alive. Thanks to the contributors, the whistle blowers, and those who love to make comment on articles. Thanks also to the advertisers who support independent news. And thank you to the community for their support via donations and ‘Buying a Coffee’. All of the monies donated go directly towards covering the considerable costs of keeping The Beagle afloat. Onwards to the next year Until next - lei