Editorial August 27th 2021

Welcome to this week’s editorial, How goes your lockdown? Mayor Innes told ABC News (Thursday 26th 2021) in regards to the September 10th extension of the lock-down that people "really are conscientiously doing the right thing so I think they are starting to get sick to death of being locked down when there's no cases in our local area". “Sick to death” was probably the wrong thing to say when talking about Covid but we will let that go by along with her idea last week on Facebook to begin a conversation on politicians and bureaucrats reducing their wages for an interim period to help people in the hospitality and retail trade who are doing it particularly tough. The unfortunate spin on this is that Councillors had just voted themselves a 2% fee increase and had put up rates , water, sewer and fees and charges across the shire by an average 2%. But are we “sick to death” of the lockdowns? The general response The Beagle is hearing is that Eurobodalla residents celebrated the new rules that were finally set in place that prohibited open access into the Shire from the ACT and Greater Sydney. Once the Delta variant spread west the further restrictions on travel were appreciated by locals who were justifiably fearful of just one case arriving in the Shire. The Mayor was correct in saying that we “really are conscientiously doing the right thing” however, by evidence, it is clear that many are not. Church goers, beach parties, engagement parties, office parties, driving from Sydney to Bega to receive the Pfizer jab, abusing the holiday home loophole and ignoring the rules all together saying they don’t believe in Covid and it is all a hoax. So here we are in Lock Down for two more weeks hoping that our Eurobodalla protective bubble isn’t burst. In the meantime we are generally doing the right thing, being polite and respectful of each other when we go out for food, and we remain hopeful that a new normal might return where we can resume lives and livelihoods that have been put on hold. It is encouraging to hear that our vaccination clinics are being well attended. Many of us now have our Covid Certificates and at some point we might actually be able to use them. Of interest is the growing discussion around their use in allowing access to stores, cafes, aircraft and even the workplace. One wonders what might become of the 20% unvaccinated when we reach 80%? I, for one, appreciate being locked down and locked out of a world that is going mad outside our Eurobodalla border. A Plea: If you have any Dine and Discover vouchers left please use them now to support our local businesses. It cost you so little and it means the world to them. Until Next, lei

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