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Dual-flush rebate doubles in July

With summer water restrictions only just past, it makes more sense than ever to get water conservation established as a daily habit. To help, Eurobodalla Council is encouraging residents with incentives to upgrade single-flush toilets and inefficient washing machines, saving them both water and money.

Council’s sustainability coordinator Mark Shorter said dual-flush toilets used one third of the water of single-flush units.

“That can save each household 30,000 litres of water each year,” Mr Shorter said.

“Now’s the time to upgrade. From July 1, our dual-flush toilet rebate is doubling from $100 to $200 for a limited time.”

The temporary rebate increase is part of disaster recovery funding from the Australian Government. As well as helping households, it’s an incentive that provides a little more business for plumbers and plumbing suppliers after the fires.

Mr Shorter said the rebate was another way to encourage wise water use by the community, particularly in light of recent drought, fires, water, restrictions and ongoing water conservation measures.

“Installing a water efficient washing machine is another way families can save 20,000 litres of water each year, while receiving a $150 rebate,” Mr Shorter said.

Apply for rebates within six months of purchase by completing the rebate application form on Council’s website, including the original purchase receipt – with brand, make and model. For toilet rebates, the original receipt for installation by a registered plumber is also required. Renters must supply proof of residence when submitting the rebate application.

To find out more on Council’s water rebates and other water-saving incentives, or to complete a rebate application, visit

Above: According to standard-usage data, a 4.5-star rated washing machine can save families 20,000 litres of water each year.