Dry stone walling workshop at Bergalia in March

Twelve keen locals and visitors from all backgrounds came together at Bergalia last Spring for a weekend workshop on the traditional craft of dry stone walling. Using techniques first applied in Europe thousands of years ago, the group built twelve metres of wall without using mortar. Participants received instructions and had a Q&A session on technical terms used in the ancient craft, such as “Ha - Ha walls”, Copes”, “Cheekends”, “stiles”, “cripple holes” and “lunkies”. Interest in dry stone walling is becoming more widespread for people who aspire to landscaping their home gardens”, said Stephen Beashel, who hosted the workshop on their farm in Bergalia. “Using traditional stonework with the stone from our quarry, this retaining wall looks great, it’s a natural way to use a natural product”. Australian Master Craftsman and Instructor Geoff Duggan said a well-built dry stone wall would “last more than a hundred years with very little maintenance” Another workshop is being offered in March next month. Details www.geogenic.com.au.

BUILT TO LAST: Workshop participants proud of the achievement over the weekend