Drive Council's Forestry roads detour at your own risk: Council needs to urgently advise

Are you covered for accident or injury while traversing Council's Araluen Road detour via Forestry Roads?

The Beagle understands that Eurobodalla Council has now been advised by Transport NSW that they (Transport NSW) are not responsible for vehicles that traverse the detour. The detour being used is one that Council offers as an access solution to the 48 residences on the Araluen Road needing to access their properties around a landslip that looks like it will take two years to remedy.

Transport for NSW (Transport) have responded to the question "Who is responsible for any damage or industry while a vehicle is navigating Council's detour across forestry roads?" advising that: "Forestry Roads are the responsibility of Forestry NSW, however if Council have formally detoured traffic onto the Forestry Road, it does become less clear where responsibility lies. It is an issue that needs to be negotiated between Forestry NSW and Eurobodalla Shire Council. Transport does not have the authority to make this decision. In view of your concerns, I have forwarded your enquiry onto Council and Forestry NSW, suggesting they work together to come to a resolution on this matter." Transport for NSW

As the residents are navigating this sub-optimal detour daily exposing both their vehicles and themselves to risk it is hoped that Council will urgently seek legal advise and then clearly inform the affected Araluen Road community where they stand as they traverse the recommended detour.

Presently Council have erected a sign that suggests "Drive to Conditions" which fails to warn drivers that they enter the Forestry Road detour at their own risk. The Forestry website that states: Forests contain many unseen and unpredictable hazards that cannot be removed or controlled. Because of this, you are entering State forest areas at your own risk.

Above: Should Council be more proactive in advising residents of the Araluen Road of their risk when traversing a Forestry Road when Forestry clearly advise that you currently enter State Forest areas AT YOUR OWN RISK? Does your insurance cease while you are detouring through State Forest?