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Doof cancelled, and pigs can fly

The Beagle Editor,

I read with interest the article in the Bay Post re the “Bush Doof” on Araluen Road.

Talk about ‘choking on one’s weeties’!

The article, dated Thursday June 10th, opened with, “Everyone attending the "bush doof" in the Araluen Valley this weekend has been told it's called off, as the property owner complies with a council order.”

How very odd, considering the property owner had intimated to police/council that he was not going to comply.

Also very odd is that party goers were still arriving on Friday and Saturday. The noise/music began Friday afternoon and continued into the early hours – consequently little sleep was had in a number of local households on Friday night.

In the Bay post article (Thur 10th), Mr Ingram was quoted as saying, “We have shut it down, and it's just the crew in here now......”

And yet,

driving past the property on Saturday morning (2 days later) vehicles, tents, caravans, camper trailers etc could be seen stretched along the creek bank as far as the eye could see. By late Saturday afternoon, more campers had taken up any remaining spaces.

If this was “just the crew,” how on earth were any ‘paying attendees’ supposed to fit in?

It is understood that the Police set up a ‘road block’ on the bypass on Friday night until 11 pm. Many who were turned back, then tried to access the ‘doof’ via Araluen Road, only to find themselves confronted by the landslide that closed the road.After the police left the road block, nearby residents reported a stream of traffic passing their properties. On Saturday the doof music started up again in the afternoon and continued all night. Waking at 6.30 am after 3 hours sleep, the music was still echoing up and down the Deua Valley. . Mr Ingram claims that it is a community event for families. If this is so, why is it not openly advertised, widely and locally? Why does he not obtain approval? He states that it is “too costly.” But with tickets at $235 per person and an expected roll up of 500 party goers, that equates to over $117,000. Too costly? Pigs ear! Residents have been ‘putting up’ with the event for years, due to fear of retaliation if they complained. But it’s got to the point where residents are at breaking point. The Deua community has been in the process of rebuilding and recovering after the fires. Then 2 major landslides closed our road forcing us to traverse 19 km of fire trails to get to town. This bypass, along with load limits, has brought all rebuilding work to a halt. The closure is impacting residents emotionally, socially and financially. Mr Ingram’s illegal event has served to exacerbate the levels of distress and anxiety already being suffered within our community. Past doofs have resulted in: * a small bus going over the edge on Araluen Mountain * vehicles veering off the roadway and rolling * a hiace van destroyed after rolling over the road edge * vehicles being towed back onto the road by locals * the port-a-loo truck veering off the road and landing up against a tree – would have required a crane to retrieve it. * vehicles driving into private properties in the middle of the night – lost/off their face * last doof resulted in a helicopter search * drivers exiting vehicles and wandering off not knowing where they are * residents relocating due to the noise * residents fearful of theft, drugged drivers, intruders and violence Residents stuck between the 2 major landslides are on alert and checking in on one another. Several are elderly, live on their own and are feeling anxious with so many party goers coming and going. Residents have contacted the local police to complain about the noise and explain their concerns. The police advise that there is not much they can do. That any legal action can only take place after the event. It is now 3 15 pm Sunday and the doof music continues to reverberate throughout our once peaceful little valley. So, yes, the Doof was cancelled, pigs can fly and Araluen Road will be fixed by Christmas! Araluen Road resident. (I wish for my name and contact details to be withheld due to fear of retaliation from the landowner)