Don't mine Coolagolite public outcry gaining momentum with a public meeting on Feb 10th

The Department of Regional NSW has announced that it is considering a Mining Exploration Licence Application in the area known as Coolagolite, located between Cobargo and Bermagui. Local resident, Greg Lissaman has started an online petition to John Barilaro, Andrew Constance and Matthew Kean with 1500 signatures to date. The protest around the proposal continues with a public meeting this Wednesday, February 10th, 2021 at the Bermagui Country Club at 6pm. The event is limited to 100 attendees Greg Lissaman has advised "This meeting is intended to give our community an opportunity to speak against the application through reasonable conversation.

"The meeting is only one hour long as it is being recorded as a community submission. As such we need short, to-the-point, input from all speakers.

"The event will feature guest speakers, who will each present for 3 minutes about the broad potential impacts of mining exploration (and potential mining) on community, environment, business, farming, tourism and heritage.

"There will then be opportunity for attendees to speak from the floor, but each will be limited to 90 seconds.

"Politicians Andrew Constance and Kristy McBain have been invited, but are not yet confirmed.

"The meeting will be live streamed via Facebook on the Dontminecoolagolite facebook page, photographed and recorded. The recorded event will be shared widely across social media. "By booking, you accept that you and any minors attending in your care, may be photographed, recorded and live streamed without limitation. If you do not approve this, you may not attend in person.

"Tickets are limited due to Covid requirements. You must book in order to attend in person. We are legally required to admit only people with a booking. We expect this event will be fully booked.Please observe Covid-safe requirements of the venue.

"Thanks for your interest! We look forward to a great discussion. Let's show the government that we care about this amazing place we live in."

Background A decision on the mining application is due to be made very soon, possibly in the week commencing 8 February. At this stage of the process, the NSW Government can simply reject the application. However, if the application is approved, individual landholders would be required to negotiate land access directly with the mining company and go through burdensome and escalating arbitration processes if they object to granting access. The area proposed for exploration - and potential future mining - is known as Coolagolite, located between Cobargo and Bermagui. Coolagolite has: a strong working farming community; significant environmental assets in the form of national parks, remnant habitat, diverse flora and fauna, and catchment for the Bermagui River; cultural heritage significance for Aboriginal people; and vital tourism assets in the form of natural beauty and farming heritage. Importantly, our community is fragile after the bushfires of 2020/21 that tore through Cobargo and Coolagolite, destroying property and environment and taking life. The impact of that catastrophic event is still felt by our community every day. Allowing mining exploration - and therefore forcing us to protect our homes, livelihoods, environment and heritage once more - represents an existential threat to the wellbeing of our community as much as to the beauty and assets of this region. Greg Lissaman requests "Please sign this petition to urge the NSW Government to reject Mining Exploration Licence 6169"