Do we really need phone books anymore?

The latest local phone book is out and being distributed to homes from Nowra to Bermagui. Yes, you read that correctly - the latest NOWRA REGION book covers Kangaroo Valley to Bermagui The new books, printed in Singapore, 184 pages are Yellow Pages advertising 158 pages comprise resident and business phone numbers (at 200 per page this represents 31,000 listings with at least 20% business). Are you still listed as a resident in the White pages? To have a residential listing removed from the White Pages, you will need to arrange a silent line with your telecoms service provider. White Pages cannot make changes to residential contact information without the advice of your telecoms service provider. They must send White Pages your request before it can be actioned. More info HERE Of interest are the large number of empty voids that have been left in the Yellow Pages section where they were not able to fill with advertisers. Just like our local newspapers the old fashioned phone book seems to get thinner and thinner and are now rarely used by most of the community who are more than capable of looking up the White Pages and even the Yellow Pages online. Mobile phones store all of our numbers and most of the people we phone socially are no longer listed in the White Pages. As for Yellow Pages most businesses have taken themselves to where the market is - social media or online ads with Google. The throw-away-unopened statistics for telephone books are steadily building as the community disengages from the old format of being listed in White Pages, with name, address and phone number. For most the idea of having such information readily available to anyone who cares to look it up is now inconceivable. The community is now more cautious of such information being disclosed, especially those with children and the elderly. The White Pages are also one of the primary listings used by charities to cold-call for donations and a popular source of telephone numbers for scammers. If you wish to cancel receiving these books every year, delivered to your mailbox or doorstep then fill in the Cancellation form HERE

Yellow Pages and White Pages books can be recycled through your household kerbside collection. Sensis (the publishers) advise that the books are carbon neutral. They have achieved this by purchasing carbon offsets in India and China

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