Dargues Gold Mine (DGM) Downstream Water User Register

DGM is in the process of recreating the register for the notification of downstream water users.

The intent of this register is to have a reference point, should DGM need to communicate with downstream water users.

If you have provided your details to DGM previously, please note these records no longer exist.

If you would like your details included in the Downstream Water User Register, please provide the following details via email to dgm.community@aureliametals.com.au;

• Full Name

• Phone Number (mobile and home number if applicable)

• Current Address Details

• Email Address

All information provided to DGM will be maintained in a confidential manner.

If you have any questions regarding the Downstream Water User Register, please phone 1800 732 002 or email dgm.community@aureliametals.com.au.