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Dalmeny Narooma Bushwalkers


I am probably" preaching to the converted" about the beauty of this region but the walks we held this week are in the top bracket. Davey MacMillian, a wonderful walker, person and club member led a walk into the Mimosa Rocks N.P. into an area not often visited. He has been exploring  this walk for 6 months or so developing a route around the rugged Bunga Head and on towards Bengunnu Point. This is in bush with no track,a bit rough and plenty of fallen timber. It's remoteness is beautiful, Bengunnu Point ( see the photo below) is just lovely, especially when a pod of whales rounded the Point as we were settling in for lunch and a swim undertaken by some of the group was brisk but refreshing.The eleven walkers returned via the same route covering around 9 klms in approximately 4.5 hours. Steve Deck thanked Davey for putting the walk on. Mimosa N.P. It is a unique asset in our region and we are lucky to have it on our doorstep.

Meanwhile Maggie and four other walkers explored around the backblocks of Dalmeny. This is close to our backyards but full of surprises. Maggie know's this area well and took the group along the back paths and bushtracks for a walk of 8 klms or so. David Maidment