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DA Mackay Park Project needs a rethink and a reset

The Beagle Editor, If there is one thing I have learnt in life it is that you should not expect a different outcome when you keep repeating the same action. To date we in the community have tried very hard to convince council that what they are doing with the Mackay Park project is not what interested parties want. So, we need to do something different and that is stop talking to the council and concentrate on informing the community about all that is wrong with this project and why it should never proceed under its present guise. Some things to consider; As a result of the Covid-19 epidemic financial situations of many, if not all councils, have taken a nosedive. If you tap on this link it will give you a recent update of NSW Councils’ financial situations and it is nothing to cheer about. On this news item alone, it would be foolish to commit to any new project, particularly this one in the Eurobodalla Shire. By best information available, costs could run $10 million dollars and more over the available grant money. If anyone has any doubts on the ability to repay this debt look at our demographics. By percentage we have the second largest group of retirees. Then we have one of the highest unemployment rates. Look at all the empty shops. If that is not enough there is a likelihood many businesses in the shire will not survive. It is worth noting that an owner of one of the largest gymnasiums in Batemans Bay has been quite vocal in social media about the proposed 1000m2 Mackay Park Gym because of the impact it would have on their gym and other gyms in the Bay. The owner goes on to say the local gyms are struggling now.

Above: Social media comment on Apr 27, 2020. Of concern is the mention of a multi-national lessee for the new gym - is this insider information or simply speculation. Batemans Bay has one such multi-national in place looking to expand. Even if the council sold off all our assets, which by the way will most likely be a fire sale, who pays for the rest? The rate payers? With everything I have said there is a better reason for this project not to commence. In our present climate of uncertainty, the last thing we need is a huge debt that may never get paid off and given the council’s present poor financial situation this council could be forced into administration. This project needs to be put on hold until the Coronavirus epidemic is no longer part of our everyday existence and council take the opportunity to consider the dire situation they may drag this shire and the community into, by acting now. Donald Macdonald

Above: does council intend to lease the gym to a multinational at the cost of compromising local businesses - note the side door - Fitness.... Anytime?