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COVID exemptions for ANZAC Day

The NSW Government continues to work with RSL NSW, NSW Police Force, NSW Health, and other key agencies to ensure that ANZAC Day commemorations can proceed in a COVID-safe way in communities across the State. NSW Health has issued an exemption to the Public Health Order (Restrictions on Gathering and Movement) that will apply to any outdoor ANZAC Day march or service held outside Greater Sydney between April 18-25. The exemption includes:

  • An outdoor ANZAC Day march or service held in a region outside Greater Sydney must not exceed one person per 2 square metres of space, to a maximum of 3000 people

  • There must be a nominated organiser for each outdoor ANZAC Day march or service

  • The nominated organiser of an outdoor ANZAC Day march or service must develop and comply with a COVID-19 Safety Plan required for outdoor protests, and

  • Each person participating in an outdoor ANZAC Day march or service must provide their name, telephone number or email address to the nominated organiser and take reasonably practicable steps to comply with the COVID-19 Safety Plan developed by the nominated organiser.

The exemption will be repealed on April 26. Within Greater Sydney, under current health advice it is permissible to organise a controlled outdoor event, including an outdoor Dawn Service or commemoration, with the following capacity: • Up to 500 people, if people are assigned to a seating area (2sqm rule), and • Up to 2,000 people, if people are assigned to a specific seat (2sqm rule). For more information on the current requirements in relation to controlled outdoor events, click here. Any sub-branch organising an ANZAC Day march must submit a Notice of Intention to Hold a Public Assembly form to the Police Local Area Command well ahead of the event and should also notify all relevant authorities and stakeholders. Please take on board any feedback police or stakeholders provide, including suggestions for possible alternative arrangements for commemorations or marches. All events will require a COVID-19 Safety Plan that addresses the matters in a checklist approved by the Chief Health Officer. The responsibility rests with the sub-branch event organiser to ensure commemorative events comply with all current regulations. To assist in preparing for ANZAC Day, RSL NSW has created a list of helpful information which is available on its website. Given the constantly changing nature of the pandemic, this advice is based on the current regulations. Please continue to monitor for the latest information and advice.